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Emerging From the Funk

This has been a hard week, for multiple reasons. Continue reading

Second Day in Hospital and Daily Bites

Today was my husband J’s second full day in the hospital.

This is proof positive that every BODY is different in how they respond to this surgery.  Compared to my recovery, his has been a bit rocky to say the least.  No leaks or anything like that, thank goodness, but he’s experienced some things that neither of us anticipated would happen.  I am just grateful that he is staying at a top notch hospital, that we have health insurance, and that he is getting fantastic care from the nurses and other health professionals who have visited him so far. Continue reading

Surgery Day #2: It’s His Turn Now

First, as promised:  progress photo from week 5:

postopweek5-081113I posted the copy with the incorrect math on my Twitter and Instagram feeds…oops.

Today was a very long day that began for me at 2:30 this morning.  It began so early only because my body woke me up before my alarm clock had the opportunity.  I tried to go back to bed but decided it was useless when I was laying there, wide awake at 3 am.  I determined it would be better for me to just go ahead, get up and shower, then fix myself something to eat because I knew I’d need it for the morning I had in front of me.

My husband had sleeve surgery of his own today.

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