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Post-Op Week 61 Progress Report: Haters Gonna Hate


This week can suck it.  If ever there has been a time during this whole weight loss process that I have felt like my wheels are spinning, it’s now.  Continue reading

Post-Op Week 57, Skinny Bitches and Dreaming the Impossible Dream…Weight


Down nearly a pound this week, but that’s the water retention from this past week subsiding.  I just want my belly not to stick out past my boobs, is that too much to ask??  I don’t care if I have the middle-aged lady pooch, I just don’t want to look like I have a beer gut!

I’m starting to think that my goal (170) might be unreachable, especially since I have been dancing around the same weight for the past month or so.  At this point, I will be glad to get down below 200 pounds to get to the vaunted “Onederland,” which is just 20 pounds away.  But losing that 20 pounds seems insurmountable. 

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