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Post-Op Week 109: Gallbladder Eviction

This past week, I joined millions of others in the world who walk around without a gallbladder.  Do I feel better without it?  Probably.  I wasn’t miserable before it came out, but when 4 doctors in 2 years tell you it needs to come out, it probably needs to come out.  So I had it done.

The surgery went well, thank goodness because I was really nervous about it.  It was a good thing I had it done.  Apparently, my gallbladder loved my intestines so much that it was stuck to them, which caused my surgery to be a bit longer than planned.  So removing it was a good plan, as this could have caused bigger problems later on had I delayed the procedure.

I was sent home the same afternoon.  In by 10 am, out by 4 (I take a long time to recover from anesthesia, apparently).  I was home and resting comfortably by 5, able to eat soup by 7 that night with minimal nausea.  I’ve done pretty well since, but I’ve also kept my food pretty bland and low-fat.  No major issues, just a bit of soreness at the largest incisions (not unexpected).  I stopped taking my pain meds Thursday night as I haven’t needed them since.  Besides, narcotic pain medication has some pretty undesirable side effects–itching and constipation to name a couple–so when I am placed on them, I take them for as short a time period as I can bear.  I’ve been fine without them since.   I’m on restricted lifting (nothing heavier than a jug of milk), and working out is off until next month so I won’t be back in the gym until September.  I want to make sure my abdominal muscles have healed sufficiently so that I don’t cause myself to have a hernia (Lord knows I can’t afford another frickin’ surgery–this “pray you don’t get sick health plan” is bullshit, but that’s a post for another time and place).

I did have a few revelations the day of my surgery, though.

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Post-Op Week 106: Revisiting the Pre-Op Diet

So it’s been 2 years since my VSG surgery, and I’m on the brink of a second surgery.

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Dogpaddling In The Deep End

is how I feel as of late.

There is simply so much going on in my life both at work and at home, and I’m trying to juggle both of those worlds while trying to keep myself afloat and it’s hard.

I got a call from my PCP’s office today.  She wants to discuss my recent bloodwork with me.  Why do I get the feeling that my liver enzymes were high again?  I mean, that’s the reason I had to go back to have the test redone in the first place.

This means I will have to go in for an ultrasound on my gallbladder to make sure there aren’t any stones.  She said she’d be obligated to send me for one.


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Uncovering Ugly to Find Pretty

What is pretty?

Have you ever given it much thought?  I don’t want you to give me the societal expectation of pretty.

What is pretty to you?  Think about it.

I had to think about this tonight while I sat on my therapist’s couch and told the story of my interaction with the Talbots salesgirl on Saturday.  One of the things I left out of my story about my victorious trip there Saturday was this:  while we were conversing about our respective struggles with our weight and what we had each done to fight them, she said to me, “You’re so pretty.”  I thanked her and our conversation continued.

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Eat, Sleep, Walk, Repeat.

Eat, sleep, walk, repeat.  That seems to be the tenor of my days lately.  I wish I had a bit more variety with regard to my activity level but currently walking is all my schedule is allowing me these days.  Sigh…

I had to do this today:

My rings were getting too loose and I was afraid I’d lose one.  I’m thinking that once I get home tomorrow evening from the Rotary service project I’m working all day I’ll hit up a jeweler and buy a guard.  It’s time.

Life has been way more busy than I prefer it to be lately.  This is a tough thing for me to admit.

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Busy Saturday, Culling the Closet and Me Time

Today was a long day that began early with me having to go to training to be an Interact Club sponsor down in Dallas.  I’m not sure what fresh hell I’ve gotten myself into, but the group of kids I’m working with this year is really great so I am hopeful that their awesomeness will transcend any of the administrative suckage that accompanies being a school clubs sponsor.  The kids have some great service projects planned, and the training session today gave them even more ideas for things our club can do around our school and community so I am excited about what they’ll be doing this year.

After that, I came home and helped my hubby tidy up the house as our landlady and her husband were coming over today to take care of the lease renewal for our place.  This is an annual event that generally has us scrambling to clean and straighten up the place, and since he was home, my husband got a head start on the housework.  He’d done quite a lot by the time I arrived back home, so I did what I could given that most of it had been done and I wasn’t feeling well (thanks, Ma Nature…you’re right on time).  Landlady and her husband came and went, and so we left the house to go have dinner and do our grocery run for the week.  Saturday evenings are a good day to do the shopping as there are generally no samples being given out, and the store is pretty well calmed down by then–not too terribly crowded or overrun with kids and their parents.

But that’s neither here nor there.  We’ve found our food run shopping groove and that’s what matters.

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The Odd Body

First, the food. Why?  It’s easier to talk about.  Today was a lower-calorie day than I’ve had in a while, but not for lack of trying to hit my daily goal of 800-900 calories.  I did hit my protein goal of 80 grams minimum, so that’s what I aim for first.  I worry about calories after that since I’m burning more calories than I know I am taking in by just breathing in and out every day. 🙂  Protein must take priority!


Today’s food choices, from upper right: multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; Trader Joe’s crab stuffed flounder; Trader Joe’s turkey jerky; Goldfish crackers; cheesy barbecue turkey meatloaf minis; chicken taco filling. Not shown: Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

I was on my way out of the bathroom earlier this evening on my way to the kitchen to make myself dinner, and stopped by the full-length mirror that hangs on our bedroom closet.  I looked at myself and was displeased with what I saw.

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Post-Op Week 9 Progress Report, Meal Plans for the Week and Post #100!

Today is two months post-op.  Life has been quite the ride since the morning of July 8.

Two months ago, I went into the hospital with a sense of calm and peace about what I was about to ask a surgeon to do to my body.  I went into the hospital with a heart swollen with hope that I would finally be able to have good health and a shot at living a long life with my husband, family and friends.

Two months later, here is the result.

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