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Post-Op Week 76 Progress Report: Heading Into the Holiday


Well, color me a little surprised.  I knew last week’s weight gain was water weight due to hormones, but I wasn’t expecting all of it to come back off and then some.  I wonder if some of the weight that came off is because I have been on an antibiotic that dehydrates me.  I got diagnosed with strep at the tail end of the week and felt pretty miserable the last few days but am feeling better now. 

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The Temperamental Tum, Redux

Today was one of those days where my sleeve just could not get with the program consistently all day long.  Most days it’s pretty predictable.  Today, not so much. Continue reading

One Hundred Pounds Later…

I don’t mind parking farther away when I get to school early in the mornings.

shopping for clothes is actually fun.

I can bend over to tie my shoes without asking my husband to do it for me.

I am starting to think about enrolling in fitness classes.

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