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Post-Op Week 48 Progress Report: In Which I am Too Small For Lane Bryant


Not surprised by this week’s progress, as it follows the pattern I have come to know over the last few months.  I have made a few tweaks to my program in the past two weeks and I think they are paying off.  Continue reading

“Fat” Clothes

Today was a snow day for us, as sleet fell nearly all day yesterday and temps didn’t get out of the 20’s all day.  This made for nearly an inch of ice on the ground and roads, making it dangerous for anyone to drive, much less kids and school buses.  So no school today.

I slept in a little, had a leisurely breakfast, and then puttered around a bit.  I made a jambalaya for the crockpot (which turned out awesome–I will share the recipe later in the week), and did a little grading (not as much as I’d liked, but some is better than none).  I did a little reading on the OH VSG boards, and saw that someone who was pre-op had asked a question about how folks have dealt with their clothing sizes changing constantly post-op.  Several people had offered her suggestions about how to handle the rapidly changing sizes she’ll be dealing with, many of which were good.

Then midway through the thread she asked the question,

What do you do with your fat clothes?

I know she was referring to plus-sized clothing.  Certainly she meant “one’s larger clothes.”  Certainly.  She had to be.

But I am pretty sure she didn’t mean it that way.

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The Great Closet Purge of 2014

This morning, I finally did it.

Armed with Justin Timberlake playing through the speakers of my iPad, I finally went into the closet and plucked out the too-big clothes that had been occupying valuable real estate in what I have deemed The Great Closet Purge of 2014.

You see, our closet is so pitifully small that there is hardly room for one person to move around in it once both sides are completely full.  There is no room for things that do not fit.  One requirement of the next place we live is that I have a bona fide walk in closet that I can actually walk into, and that ideally is all mine.  I can’t even put my shoes in my current closet. 😦

But I digress…

These were clothes that I had not been able to wear in quite some time because now, they are too big for me.

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A Different Kind of Before and After

So often in this post-op WLS journey, we use before and after photos to document our progress and to celebrate our losses.  I know that these types of photos are important to me because they serve as motivation for days when the scale doesn’t read the way I want it to.  They help me remember that one day doesn’t define the entirety of my entire path, and that my hard work is not in vain.

There is another type of before and after photo I’d like to share with you.

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Post-Op Week 20 Progress Report


This week’s loss was crazy good.  Six more pounds gone.  I’m starting to notice a pattern with my weight loss–I’ll have weeks where I lose 1-2 pounds, followed by a couple of weeks where I lose 5+ pounds.  Consequently, my weight loss pattern looks a bit like a gently descending hillside.  See?
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If It Fits, It Ships: Time for New Pants

Today I finally realized just how much smaller I am.

As I stood in front of my class today to teach, I noticed that my pants were way, way more baggy than I’d previously noted. You know how when you wear pants, you’re not supposed to be able to feel the skin of your thighs touching, because really, your pants should fit such that your thighs clad in fabric are touching one another.  Well, that was not the case for me, and it felt really odd.

Then, I was walking around my classroom, teaching and observing the work my students were doing on the lab they were working on, and I kept having to hitch up my pants.  This annoyed me to no end because I was trying to save my tummy from hanging out (these pants do not have belt loops, so I couldn’t wear a belt) and making an unnecessary appearance.

That sealed the deal for me:  it was time to finally buy new pants.  Continue reading

Monday’s Daily Bites, Fashion Victories and Walking My Ass Off

Today I was over my calories a bit, but not by much (864; normally I’m at 800). Here’s what I ate:


Today’s food choices, from upper left: Rudy’s smoked ham pieces and a scrambled egg with a little shredded sharp cheddar; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; Trader Joe’s turkey jerky; barbecued boneless skinless chicken thigh and green beans with bacon; Sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese stick; barbecued boneless skinless chicken thigh with Rudy’s pinto beans. Not shown: half a Trader Joe’s parmesan pup sample from the store (damn those samples!).

Tonight I had a moment of weakness when we were at Trader Joe’s.  I made the mistake of letting my nose lead me to the back of the store where they are always sampling something, and tonight was no exception.

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Saturday Wins

Today was a great day.  Here is one reason:

wpid-IMG_20130907_210803.jpgI bought designer clothing today.  This is exciting for several reasons.

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Tuesday’s Little Things

I kind of failed at snapping photos of my meals today, but here is what I did manage to snap:

Today's food choices, from upper right:  multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; 40 cloves of garlic turkey breast x2 (I ate it for lunch and dinner); Sargento reduced fat cheese stick; sugar-free Blue Bell popsicle; turkey sausage, broccoli and cheese mini frittatas.

Today’s food choices, from upper right: multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; 40 cloves of garlic turkey breast x2 (I ate it for lunch and dinner); Sargento reduced fat cheese stick; sugar-free Blue Bell popsicle; turkey sausage, broccoli and cheese mini frittatas.  I didn’t get a picture of the crockpot chicken fajitas (FAIL) or the strawberry I ate.  And yes, it was A strawberry.  A very large one.

I have a few things to celebrate today:

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First Day of School

Today was my first day of school. I decided Saturday that I wanted to look totally FIERCE. I figured, new body, new clothes for a new school year–one in which I will undergo continuous transformation. I had this dress packed away in the closet–it was one I’d bought pre-op because I knew I’d be able to wear it eventually; I just didn’t know when.

Well, I found out Saturday afternoon, and decided I’d wear it to school today.

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