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Things I Wish My Doctor Had Prepared Me For, Part 2

I am now nearly two months out from my surgery, and learning new things daily about my sleeve and its capacity as a powerful tool for weight loss.  As each day passes, I’m finding there is still so much that I wish I’d been prepared for.  Again, this is not to fault my doctor–he is still fabulous!  There really is no possible way he could have prepared me for everything I have encountered since I’ve been home and out of his care.

But there are still some things I wish I’d been better prepared for.

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Six Week Follow Up

Today’s food choices:


From upper left: mini ham, egg and cheese frittatas x2; 3 tablespoons of this bowl of chili; Pei Wei lettuce wrap filling; Boar’s Head Maple Glazed turkey; the guts of a club sandwich from Jason’s Deli (school provided lunch today–I ate most of the turkey, a slice of cheese and the bacon); multivitamin x2.

I had my six week follow up appointment today at my surgeon’s office.  I knew I was going in today, so this morning I weighed myself to see if I’d had any scale movement since Sunday morning.

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Sleeved at Last


We left for the hospital Monday morning around 7 am, since I had to be there at 7:30 for check-in and pre-op vital signs and such.  We arrived and went up to registration on the 2nd floor, where I checked in, paid my balance and began the longest waiting process of my young life.

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