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“I Don’t Know How to Say This, But…”

was how a conversation I had with a student today started out.

She wandered toward me and said that as I was walking around returning quizzes today.

Then she said, “Mrs. F, you’ve lost a lot of weight since school started.” and gave me a look that says you’re not dying are you?

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Post-Op Week 27 Progress Report and the Weight Loss Cha-Cha


I seem to be doing the weight-loss cha-cha this week: for every step forward, there seems to be two steps back.  It’s a dance that really isn’t any fun, and totally screws with your mind.

I think this is the dreaded stall I keep hearing about, but have yet to experience.  Until now.

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Runner Wannabe

My husband and I have begun a new weekend routine. Every Friday and Saturday night, we go to the gym and have a workout date and then go have dinner afterward. It’s been a great way to get in our exercise and spend time together.

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It Doesn’t Get Old But It Will Fade, and Then What?

“You look really good!”
“You are looking awesome!”
“You are doing such a good job!”

Hearing these things definitely does NOT get old.

I have heard these things more this week than I ever have.  But I suppose when you lose nearly 140 pounds, work in a school with a faculty that numbers nearly 400, and don’t see them very often, it’s bound to happen sooner than later. Continue reading

The Great Closet Purge of 2014

This morning, I finally did it.

Armed with Justin Timberlake playing through the speakers of my iPad, I finally went into the closet and plucked out the too-big clothes that had been occupying valuable real estate in what I have deemed The Great Closet Purge of 2014.

You see, our closet is so pitifully small that there is hardly room for one person to move around in it once both sides are completely full.  There is no room for things that do not fit.  One requirement of the next place we live is that I have a bona fide walk in closet that I can actually walk into, and that ideally is all mine.  I can’t even put my shoes in my current closet. 😦

But I digress…

These were clothes that I had not been able to wear in quite some time because now, they are too big for me.

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Does Your Food Love You As Much As You Love It?

There is something that’s been eating away at me for a couple of weeks that I finally decided I needed to write about.

One of the things that you come to realize as a WLS patient is that head hunger is a very, very real thing and that it is something you have to fight Every. Single. Day.

Folks who have never had food issues don’t understand this.

My head hunger is something I’ve been fighting with over the past few weeks.

And right now, I think I’m winning.  Let me explain.

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Six Month Follow-Up Appointment: WIN

File under Things You Don’t Expect To Hear At Your Doctor’s Office:

(especially after stepping on the scale)

“Get you some!”

That’s how my appointment started, followed by a high five.

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A Different Kind of Before and After

So often in this post-op WLS journey, we use before and after photos to document our progress and to celebrate our losses.  I know that these types of photos are important to me because they serve as motivation for days when the scale doesn’t read the way I want it to.  They help me remember that one day doesn’t define the entirety of my entire path, and that my hard work is not in vain.

There is another type of before and after photo I’d like to share with you.

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Saturday Six: Things I Don’t Miss

Last week I wrote a list of the things I can do now that I couldn’t do before I had WLS.  I’m pretty sure that at some point, I’d written about what my heaviest weight was–440 pounds.  So, today’s list is:

Things I Don’t Miss About Weighing 440 Pounds
(in no particular order)

  1. Being the fattest person in any room.
  2. Not being able to sit comfortably in chairs with arms.
  3. Having to buy the most unflattering of clothes because a) they fit, and b) they would keep me from being naked in public.
  4. Not being able to walk from my car in the parking lot to pretty much anywhere without stopping to catch my breath before continuing on to my destination.  This was a pretty regular occurrence, especially at school.
  5. Wearing out my clothes and shoes really quickly.
  6. I definitely don’t miss being diabetic and hypertensive.

Today we went to the mall to do some walking after we’d retrieved our Christmas tree from storage.  After we’d walked around for about 30 minutes, I stopped in at Coldwater Creek, because they were having a mad sale–50% off everything.  I picked up a couple of sweaters for work, a dress shirt for work, and a couple of t-shirts.  The best part?

All in a size 18.

Do you know that I have never worn a clothing size that starts with a 1 in my adult life?  EVER.

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Saturday Six: Look What I Can Do edition

This post is going to be a short one so that I can get back to my grading, begun earlier in the day.

Six Things I Can Do Now That I Couldn’t Do Before Surgery
(in no particular order)

1.  Cross my legs.
2.  Run.
3.  Hug all the way around my husband.
4.  Stand up all day long to teach my classes.
5.  Walk long distances without being in excruciating pain.
6.  Look really professionally dressed for work.

Next Saturday, I’ll do a Six Things I Don’t Miss About Weighing 400+ Pounds edition.


Today’s food choices, from upper right: Trader Joe’s crab stuffed flounder; chicken, zucchini and onion stir fry at Genghis Grill; about 2/3 of a cup of chili and 2 saltines; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, iron and B12 supplements.

Today’s nutrition was pretty good–high protein day, with 96 grams.  Carbs were on the high end since I had some veggies but also a sugary sauce on my stir-fry.  Fat grams were lower than the last few days at 37.  I ate my lunch leftovers for dinner and have enough for tomorrow as well.