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Post-Op Week 93: It Messes With Your Mind


Slow and steady wins the race, right?   This week I went veggie heavy and it seems to have paid off.  So I’ll be doing that again this week too.  I really like how I feel when I eat veggies, so this will be something that I continue to do.

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Planning for Holiday Eating and Perspective, Part 2

Tomorrow morning, I’m getting up like I normally do for work (around 6:30 am) and hitting up the grocery store to get provisions for this year’s Thanksgiving meal for hubby and me.  It is our first big holiday post-op, and our first Thanksgiving at home in four years.

Normally, we are traveling during Thanksgiving week since our anniversary typically falls during the holiday week and we are both off work for the week.  This year that was not the case, and during the summer we’d decided that we’d stay home since we were unsure about what our financial situation would be after paying for two major surgeries back to back.

Since we were staying home, and fixing a large Thanksgiving spread was out of the question, we decided it best to simply head to the grocery store and let them do the cooking.  So tomorrow, we will head to Central Market and pick up the things we will eat for our Thanksgiving dinner.

What’s on the menu?  Have a look.

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