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Falling Numbers

Today was a big day.  A very big day.

I had my 3 month post-op follow up with my PCP.  Back in August, I’d gone to her because my blood pressure had been checked by my optometrist (who ROCKS) and it was low.  My PCP took me off of my combination BP med/diuretic and cut my BP med dose in half.  At that time she’d also told me to discontinue the metformin I’d been taking for 7 years.  That was followed by, “I want to see you back here in October for lab work so we can see if you still need to be off the medication, or if I need to put you back on it.”

So over the weekend, I had my blood drawn and was left anxiously waiting to see what the result was.

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Odd Body, Part 2: The Temperamental Tum

My tummy decided today it was going to act up.  No puking, no nausea–thank goodness.  Just tightness and sound.

How so?  Well, this morning, my restriction kicked in well before I was done eating my breakfast, which consisted of 3 turkey sausage links and a scrambled egg with cheese.  Most mornings I am able to eat the entire plate (which is a small one anyway) and be satisfied.  This morning though, I ate the sausage (pretty delicious), started in on the egg and ate a little over a third of it and could not eat any more.  I was done.  It felt odd, because as I said, I’m usually capable of eating the egg in its entirety as well.

I won’t complain…I need my restriction to work for me, especially in this first year when weight loss is most rapid.  I just thought it was weird that every other morning I have no trouble eating what I’ve fixed myself and this morning, I could not.  It made me wonder, does my restriction sort of turn itself off and on whenever it feels like it?

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