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Getting Antsy

I am nearly two weeks out from surgery and I’m starting to get antsy.

Daily, I fight the urge to step on the scale to see if it will move in the downward direction.  Before surgery, I promised myself I’d only weigh every Sunday.  I’ve already broken that promise to myself but I need to renew it.  There is simply too much fluctuation in your weight on a day to day basis to weigh and not drive yourself mad when the scale doesn’t look as you want it to.  But I know the scale has to be moving downward because when I look at my My Fitness Pal journal, I’m taking in just shy of 400 calories daily and expending way more than that.  And yes, I’m really trying to get in at least 600 right now, but when you are simply NOT hungry, it is hard to force yourself to drink ONE MORE PROTEIN DRINK, especially if you’ve hit your protein goal for the day.  Once I move to mushy foods, I’m setting my calorie goal slightly higher to account for the fact that I’ll be getting my calories and protein from food and not primarily protein drinks.

The Dermabond on my incisions is starting to peel off a little bit.  I need to call my doctor’s office tomorrow to see if this is normal.  I haven’t scratched at them or anything, but I noticed today after I got out of the shower that the Dermabond on a couple of the incisions is peeling up a little bit and I want to make sure this is supposed to happen, because some of the incisions are not quite fully closed up.  They’re itchy though, so this is good.  I just want the damn things to heal so I can go about the real business of exercising to accelerate this weight loss process a little bit.  That, and I want to build a routine before school starts so that it will already be in place.

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