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Big Life, Big Dreams

I have big dreams.  I’ve always had them.


I’m finally starting to feel like I might actually achieve some of the things I see myself doing in my dreams.

In reality, I have actually achieved some of the things I’ve visualized myself doing.

I’ve run.  And I can’t wait to get to do it again.

I’ve visualized myself fitting into clothes whose size begins with a 1 and not a 2.  I’m slowly getting there.

I just wish I could visualize myself with more free time. 🙂  Then perhaps I could achieve more of what I see myself doing, and perhaps I could have more time for visualizing myself doing things I once thought impossible because of my weight.

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The Law of Diminishing Returns

I have to make this a quickie as I’ve got student emails to answer–there is a big assignment due tomorrow, and my students are freaking out about it. I told them I’d answer emails until 10:30, and after that, they were on their own.  I get the feeling that I’ll get a barrage of emails here in the next 10 minutes since these guys are like every other high schooler on the planet–waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment that they were given over a week to do.

Anyway…one thing I did want to write about today was my frustration with this: Continue reading