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Post-Op Week 80: Nut Up or Shut Up


Not surprised by this week’s progress since I was retaining water all week which always happens during my cycle.  The water retention stops when the crimson tide rolls in (ha!), and so does the desire to eat everything that isn’t nailed down.  So this week should be business as usual.

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40 Pounds of Ice Melt and Why They Matter

An ice storm is slated to hit my part of the world in the next 48 hours.  We North Texans (specifically those of us in the Metroplex) don’t deal with ice very well.  So this afternoon after school I decided to stop by the grocery store to pick up a few groceries since all the forecasts are predicting we’ll be in a deep freeze and under ice until Monday.  As I walked in, I noticed these for sale:


I picked up a bag and slung it under the cart I pushed into the store.  When I checked out with my other selections–a paltry few compared to the rest of the other shoppers, who were apparently preparing for the Apocalypse (or the Snowpocalypse, as it were), I decided to buy a second bag just in case.  Continue reading

Just Move.

I’m off work this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, which is a sorely needed break for me. It has been a challenging semester, with a greatly increased workload and trying to learn a new lifestyle all at the same time.

Life is not on holiday, though, and maintenance of this new body and lifestyle isn’t either. I’m trying to get in a little more sleep each night by sleeping in until 9 each morning, and adhering to roughly the same eating schedule that I do during the week.

Movement is the key–getting it in each day.

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