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Friday Five: Exercise Edition

Today’s Friday Five is dedicated to exercise.  Moving, no matter how you do it, is critical to weight loss success regardless of how you choose to lose weight. Continue reading

Friday Five, Texas State Fair Edition

This is me at the auto show at last year's Fair.

This is me at the auto show at last year’s Fair.  I don’t even look like this anymore!

This weekend, my husband and I are going to brave the State Fair.  We happen to live not terribly far from the fairgrounds, so getting to the fair is pretty easy–we just hop the train and in about an hour, it drops us off at the entrance to the Fair, so we don’t pay to park. This year, we decided that we are going to see the car shows, some livestock, the pig races (!) and the Lucha Libre exhibit, among other things.  There is an awful lot to see and do, and the best part really is the people watching:  it is PRIME.

Because our school districts get free tickets from the Fair’s sponsors for teachers, we have our admission taken care of.  Pretty sweet deal, really.  So all we have to worry about paying for is food and drink, games if we want to play, and souvenirs if we want them.  We generally avoid the games–they’re a racket, and who wants a 5 foot long banana with dreads as a prize anyway?   We never buy souvenirs…we have no need for them.  If we buy anything, it’s food and water since we don’t feel like carrying our own in.

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Daily Bites and Friday Five: Fitness Edition


Today’s food choices, from upper right: Sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese stick; one egg omelet with a Kraft 2% milk singles slice and 3 slices of ready-cooked bacon; Trader Joe’s dark chocolate nibs; Rudy’s smoked ham and pinto beans; Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs in marinara with mozzarella cheese; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2.

I just ordered these badass kicks:

I’m going to start prepping for my 1 mile “Mosey” in these so that I can wear them the day I do the walk.  Yeah, it seems a bit much to buy a new pair of shoes for just a 1-mile walk, but these shoes are my reward for getting to my lowest adult weight in 20 years.  🙂  And if they help me achieve a goal, then even better.

Speaking of goals, let’s do the Friday Five.

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Friday Five and Daily Bites

Today’s Bites:


Today’s food choices, from upper left: one-egg omelet with bacon and cheddar cheese; Trader Joe’s crab-stuffed flounder and broccoli; Sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese stick; green chile chicken casserole; Trader Joe’s turkey jerky; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2. Not pictured: a serving of Rudy’s pinto beans with smoked turkey and ham (about 2.5 ounces).

This Friday Five is another NSV edition because I seem to be having a lot of them lately.

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Friday Five, Daily Bite and a HUGE NSV

I’ve been wanting to write about this, and I thought, what better way than to include it in a Friday Five?  This week’s Friday Five is dedicated to…

Products I Can’t Live Without
(so far)

In no particular order…

1.  Tervis Tumblers
2.  WeanGreen 6 oz. containers
3.  Salter Aquatronic Food Scale
4.  Celebrate Vitamins soft chewable multivitamins
5.  Calcet Creamy Bites

Let me explain how I use these things on a daily basis, why I love them, and why they have been great resources in my weight loss journey so far. Continue reading

Friday Five and The Daily Bite

Today’s Daily Bite:

Today's food choices, clockwise from upper right:  multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; crustless ham and cheese quiche; meatballs and marinara x2 (I had this for breakfast and dinner); Isopure Zero Carb (half bottle); 1.5 ounces Boar's Head Virginia Ham (snack, with rest of quiche).

Today’s food choices, clockwise from upper right: multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; crustless ham and cheese quiche (ate 3/4 for lunch); meatballs and marinara x2 (I had this for breakfast and dinner); Isopure Zero Carb (half bottle); 1.5 ounces Boar’s Head Virginia Ham (snack, with rest of quiche).

I’m getting much better at listening to the cues of fullness my body uses to tell me enough…quit eating.  I’m also using a tool my other therapist (yes, I have two…I figure I can use all the help and support that I can through this process!) suggested for me:  associate that last bite/what’s left on the plate with an unpleasant feeling.  So for me, that’s revisiting how I felt Wednesday afternoon after eating more than I should have:  nauseated, heart racing, bloated and just overall gross.  I don’t want to feel like that ever again.  So now when I feel the heaviness and pressure, I put the fork or spoon down and get up and walk the plate to the trash if there’s not enough to make a snack of what’s left, or I bag it up and put it in the fridge for later.  I don’t want to risk feeling sick after I eat again, because it was no fun!  Continue reading

Friday Five: NSV edition

I had a post crafted in my head earlier, but my brain was more busy thinking about the protein contents of various frozen meats available at Trader Joe’s this afternoon, so I’ll have to think about what it was I originally planned to write about.  This short Friday Five list will have to do for now.

Today’s Five is about non-scale victories I’ve had this week.  These are the things I have to remember for the days when the scale refuses to budge.  So here they are, in no particular order.

1.  My watch fits my wrist much better.  It actually slides around a bit and I can stick my index finger between my wrist and the band with room to spare.

2.  I’ve lost a pants size and am pretty close to losing another.  My shorts are already too loose and I find myself needing a belt.

3.  The seatbelt in my husband’s car fits me differently now.  Unfortunately, this also means that it chokes me because it rides up a little more.  Seems like some adjusting is in order.

4.  People are starting to notice the weight loss and complimenting me on how much smaller I look.

5.  I looked in the mirror today and am finally starting to see what shape I will probably be.  It was nice to see that I have a decent shot at being an hourglass shape.

I had a few other NSV’s but I’ll save those for a picture post later on.    What are you celebrating today?

Happy weekend, everyone!