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Post-Op Week 40 Progress Report: New Goals and A Tiny Pony


This week’s progress was unexpectedly great.  I dropped a huge amount of weight, which I was not expecting to do given that I was retaining water all week long.  I skipped the gym this week, which happened because I wasn’t feelin’ it, and had a lot going on at work.  Instead, I did a lot of sitting on the balance ball while watching tv/working at my desk here at home.  Basically, if I was going to sit for more than 30 minutes, I made myself sit on the ball and try to stay on in an upright position.  It must have worked!  I am now only 13 pounds from my surgeon’s goal, which I am positive I can hit before school is out in June.  I am amazed that I am within striking distance of Dr. Nicholson’s expectation.  By the time my one-year follow-up appointment in July happens, I fully expect to have exceeded his expectation for my weight loss.

It should also be noted that in this picture, I am wearing smaller shorts and a smaller shirt.

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Let Me Explain…No, Let Me Sum Up

I belong to an online support group run by Tracy Stevenson of My Tiny Tank, a fabulous blog about life with a tiny tank. Tracy is 13 years post-op (she had the RNY gastric bypass) who has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share with folks at various stages of the weight loss game, regardless of whether or not they’ve had surgery to facilitate the process.

One of the things that was posted in the support group today by another member was this prompt:

Describe your journey (pre-op, post-op, no WLS) in just 6 words.

I thought hard before I responded to the prompt.

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