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Post-Op Week 8 Progress Report and Raising the Bar


This week’s loss was smaller than last week’s, but a loss is a loss no matter how small.  I’m pleased with my result, given that Ma Nature was in town this past week, my calorie intake increased slightly (based on my doctor’s recommendation that I do so), and I was sore from all the walking I did all week long.  I figure somewhere in there, I was retaining a little fluid.  I also figured out this past week that my sleeve’s capacity is a tiny bit over 3 ounces now.  This is both good and bad, as I explained in a previous post, but I am still trying to undereat my capacity so that I don’t fall back into the habit I used to have of eating until I was uncomfortably full.  I am grateful that I read about this strategy on the OH VSG boards, and it is one of the things I have learned from the vets there that has served me well.  The undereating my capacity strategy has worked pretty well for me so far, so it is a tool I’ll continue to use.  I am also going to try and increase my fluid intake to more than 12 cups of water daily.  I’d like to aim for a straight up gallon every day, but this is going to be tough.  I’ll give it a shot though.

This week, I decided to raise the bar by lowering my goal.  Let me explain.

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When 70 percent is not good enough

Last week I met with my surgeon to ask a long list of questions I had for him and to schedule a date for my surgery.  The first question I had for him was

“How much weight can I expect to lose?”

He said, “Well, with the sleeve you can expect to lose 70% of your excess body weight.”

After that, he explained to me that at my height, my ideal weight would be 150, he then figured out what my excess weight was and then we both did some quick mental math.  The number we both arrived at was pretty sizable–175.

I looked at him and said, “That’s not good enough for me.”

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