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10 Months Post-Op: A Few Quick Observations


It was superhero day at school, so I decided to rock my Super MadMen shirt.

As of yesterday, I hit the 10 months post-op mark.  As is custom on the 8th of each month, I stepped onto the scale to see what I weighed so I could compare it to what I weighed the day I had surgery.

Since my surgery, I’ve lost 131 pounds.  Including what I lost pre-op, I’ve lost 167 pounds.

I am 9 pounds from my surgeon’s goal weight for me.  His goal for me is based on 70% EWL.  I told him last year at my consult (which was about this time of year) that I was not content with “average” and that 70% wasn’t good enough.

So I set my personal goal 50 pounds lower than his.

I am 59 pounds from my goal. 

It doesn’t even seem real.  Seriously, pinch me, because I must be dreaming!

It does, however, seem possible.  Perhaps within the next 7 months, even.  That’d be the best Christmas present ever–to hit my goal.

I have never felt so empowered or accomplished in my life.  It is a truly awesome feeling.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed more and more lately as I march toward goal.

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Changing Your Behavior: Dining Out Strategies

I’ve seen a few posts lately about these on the sleeve forums I frequent:


so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them.

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Shopping My Closet: White Pants

Today marks an important event in my fashion history:  I wore a pair of white pants.


It should be noted that I have not worn a pair of white pants in over 20 years.

The last time I wore white pants, I was a nurse’s aide in a nursing home, and my uniform was a pair of white elastic-waisted pants with a white t-shirt.  I was 18 years old and had no real fashion sense whatsoever.  Nor did I have any body confidence.  This was not helped by the fact that one of the last times I wore those awful white pants, I was on my way to work at the home, and had to stop to fill up my gas tank.  The tank’s opening was behind the license plate (I drove a ’65 Impala) and so I had to bend over to get to it.  Some jackass driving by leaned out of his car and said, “You really shouldn’t wear those pants” and the other guys in his car laughed as they drove off.

Now I am 40, and have a much, much improved fashion sense.  I actually manage to look good most days of the week during the school year–I hate looking anything less than put together.  I also find that I have more body confidence as my body shrinks.  It’s a really great, empowering feeling.

So today when I was getting dressed, I knew what shirt I wanted to wear but wasn’t sure what pants I was going to pair with it.  I thought I might take a look in the closet to see if the white crop pants I’d bought last spring might fit.  I knew that they would go with the top, but I wasn’t sure they would fit.

I sat on the edge of the bed, slid them on, tugged them over my butt, and voila!  They buttoned perfectly.  I sat down to make sure they wouldn’t split when I sat, and thankfully, no such thing happened.

After I got over the initial shock and surprise, I asked my husband to take this picture.  I felt the day needed remembering.

Now I know Labor Day is not far off, but you know what?  Summer lasts until late October here in Texas, so I plan to continue to rock my white crop pants until it actually gets too damn cold outside to wear them.  That should happen about February.

Trying New Foods and The Daily Bite

Today’s food:

Today's food choices, clockwise from upper right:  multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; scrambled egg with diced ham and cheese; Isopure Zero Carb (10 ounces); 2 ounces homemade lettuce wrap filling x2; 1.5 ounce slice of cap-off inside round roast beef.

Today’s food choices, clockwise from upper right: multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; scrambled egg with diced ham and cheese; Isopure Zero Carb (10 ounces); 2 ounces homemade lettuce wrap filling x2; 1.5 ounce slice of cap-off inside round roast beef.

As you can see from my photo above, I tested the waters with beef today.  We were grocery shopping yesterday at what is possibly the best grocery store in the known universe, Central Market, and I stopped by the deli counter to pick up some of their in-house roasted turkey for my snacks this week.  I prefer the in-house meats because I know they don’t have preservatives and thus sodium content is lower.  And Central Market has the best in-house roast turkey choices–traditional, Cajun, three pepper, herb-garlic.  They also happen to make their own roast beef, bison, lamb, pork and Kobe-style beef.  Continue reading

Silently Mourning the Fat Girl and The Call

This morning I got the call:

“This is Dee from Dr. Nick’s office.  I’m calling to give you your check-in time for Monday.  You need to be at the hospital at 7:30 Monday morning…”

I heard nothing after that, even though she prattled on about the surgical instructions I’d already received from my pre-op nurse earlier this week–nothing by mouth after 10 pm Sunday night, the allowed protein shake for dinner and to be sure I take my blood pressure medication with a small sip of water Monday morning.

Monday morning at 7:30, I will be crossing the Rubicon.  There is no looking back now.  At this point, I’m all in.  Continue reading