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What Shedding Clothes Looks Like, WLS Edition

Seventeen shopping bags packed full of clothes I can no longer wear left my home today for Goodwill.  I haven’t outgrown them; they outgrew me.  Or is it more apropos to say I shrank out of them?  Either way, there was no need to keep them around.

I hope another plus-sized woman or girl comes across them while she’s poppin’ tags and can use them.

I didn’t think they’d all fit in my Beetle.  I made them fit.  I was determined.  Because dammit, I wanted those clothes out of my house.  


This is what the feeling of freedom looks like to me today:  shedding all these clothes as my body has shed 154 pounds and tries to settle into the body I’ve always been meant to have.

This feels AWESOME.

It’s Expensive Running To Stand Still


Today in my part of the Lone Star State, it was a gorgeous day.  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we had today and went for a walk in the park near our place.

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The Great Closet Purge of 2014

This morning, I finally did it.

Armed with Justin Timberlake playing through the speakers of my iPad, I finally went into the closet and plucked out the too-big clothes that had been occupying valuable real estate in what I have deemed The Great Closet Purge of 2014.

You see, our closet is so pitifully small that there is hardly room for one person to move around in it once both sides are completely full.  There is no room for things that do not fit.  One requirement of the next place we live is that I have a bona fide walk in closet that I can actually walk into, and that ideally is all mine.  I can’t even put my shoes in my current closet. 😦

But I digress…

These were clothes that I had not been able to wear in quite some time because now, they are too big for me.

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Post-Op Week 25 Progress Report and the Way I Sleeve


This week saw a slight gain.  Am I disappointed?  Slightly.  Am I discouraged?  Not a bit.  Let me explain.

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Post-Op Week 18 Progress Report

This week saw me posting a good loss. I feel like I’m back on track (like I ever really got off of it?), but compared to last week’s 1.2 pound loss, this week’s loss is fantastic.  I feel like I’m on pace to meet my December goal before Christmas, which would be a wonderful gift to myself.  I am now 66 pounds away from my surgeon’s goal weight for me, but I’m hoping that by the time I see him again January 2 that I’ll be 50 pounds short of that.  I am really hoping I can hit his goal weight for me by my birthday in March.  That would really be something.

I am almost halfway to my own weight loss goal.  I think I might be able to hit the halfway point next week.  We’ll see.


I did a little cooking today to get ready for the week.  I’m trying to get back into the habit after not doing it for a bit–I’ve been too damn busy working to spend time prepping meals.  And thankfully, I had plenty of stuff in the freezer to eat that I’d made before.  But I need to invest the time in meal prep to keep me from deciding to pick something up on the way home or going out for dinner.  We have actually saved quite a bit of money not dining out nearly as much as we did prior to both of us having surgery, which has been nice.   So I cooked a couple of things for both of us to have for meals this week:  chili and barbecue chicken legs.

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The Law of Diminishing Returns

I have to make this a quickie as I’ve got student emails to answer–there is a big assignment due tomorrow, and my students are freaking out about it. I told them I’d answer emails until 10:30, and after that, they were on their own.  I get the feeling that I’ll get a barrage of emails here in the next 10 minutes since these guys are like every other high schooler on the planet–waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment that they were given over a week to do.

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If It Fits, It Ships: Time for New Pants

Today I finally realized just how much smaller I am.

As I stood in front of my class today to teach, I noticed that my pants were way, way more baggy than I’d previously noted. You know how when you wear pants, you’re not supposed to be able to feel the skin of your thighs touching, because really, your pants should fit such that your thighs clad in fabric are touching one another.  Well, that was not the case for me, and it felt really odd.

Then, I was walking around my classroom, teaching and observing the work my students were doing on the lab they were working on, and I kept having to hitch up my pants.  This annoyed me to no end because I was trying to save my tummy from hanging out (these pants do not have belt loops, so I couldn’t wear a belt) and making an unnecessary appearance.

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Price Tag Realness


Today’s food choices, from upper right: scrambled egg with ham and cheese; Boar’s Head Maple Glazed turkey slices; barbecued boneless chicken thighs with pinto beans; Rudy’s smoked ham with pinto beans; Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramel wedges (I ate 1 serving, which is two pieces); multivitamin and calcium supplements x2. Not pictured: a single serve container of organic applesauce.

I gave into my hormones and ate some chocolate today.  Not chocolate nibs, some actual chocolate.  I know there are some that during this phase of their sleeve life would gasp in horror that I am eating chocolate (OMG WTF U DOING), but the dark chocolate actually quelled any craving I had to eat any more food this evening.  AND I was under 800 calories today, so I don’t feel the least bit bad about eating the damned chocolate, especially since I ate a single serving and not the entire friggin’ container.

One of the things no one ever talks about is just how much this sleeve REALLY costs.

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Cost Savings and Shifts

I've been saving since the beginning of the year for the new clothes I know I will need once I've lost a significant amount of weight.  What you see here is the result of saving a dollar a week, increasing by increments of $1 weekly.

I’ve been saving since the beginning of the year for the new clothes I know I will need once I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. What you see here is the result of saving a dollar a week, increasing by increments of $1 weekly. The idea here is that I’ll put away money weekly and by year’s end, there will be over $1300 in the jar–plenty for a great new wardrobe!

I was dumping a load of laundry in to wash while my husband put away the groceries this afternoon, and after I finished filling the washer, I said to him, “You know, once we have surgery and start losing a lot of weight, we won’t have to run the washer as much.”

He said, “Yeah, this is true.”

I said, “We’ll be able to fit more clothes inside the washer and then we’ll have less laundry to do at a time.”

Then he went on to say, “And our grocery bill won’t be as much either.”  I said, “Well, it might be the same since we’re going to buy protein powder and stuff, but the types of things we’ll be buying will be different–we’ll still buy milk and meat and veggies, but not breads and pastas and stuff like that.”  Then I thought about it:  we won’t be eating nearly as much, so yes, we will save money there too.

That conversation got me to thinking:  what else will we save money on?  Continue reading