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Post-Op Week 24 Progress Report and Holiday Week Plan of Attack

This week’s date with the scale ended really, really well. In fact, it was much better than I expected.

I had not expected to lose quite as much as I did, but I will definitely take a 7.2 pound loss any week, especially during the holidays!  I was expecting maybe 2 or 3 pounds, but not 7!

I’d say I navigated Week One of Holiday Eating Hell pretty successfully. As we go into Week Two of said eating hell, I’ve got a game plan in place to make sure I’m just as successful come next Sunday. I’m closing in on 100 pounds gone since day of surgery. I’m really hoping I hit it before my 6-month appointment on the 2nd. That would be an awesome way to begin the New Year.

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Four Months Down, A Lifetime to Go

Another NSV:

I finally broke down and bought a ring guard for my diamond.  I had to tighten it up some more when I got home.  I need another one for my wedding band too.

I finally broke down and bought a ring guard for my diamond. I had to tighten it up some more when I got home. I need another one for my wedding band too.

Yesterday marked four months since I had my sleeve surgery. In the past four months, I have:

  • Lost 72 pounds, for a total of 109 pounds lost (this includes what I lost prior to surgery).
  • Lost a total of 51 1/4 inches all the way around my body (I take new measurements next week).
  • Discontinued my diabetes medication and had my a1c reading return to normal range.
  • Had my blood pressure medication dropped to the lowest dosage possible.  I have a feeling at my 6-month checkup, my PCP will take me off my medication altogether.  I can only hope.
  • Dropped 3 pants sizes and 4 shirt sizes, and am continuing to get smaller as the weeks go by.  I need to find a tailor, pronto!
  • Been able to teach standing up most of the day, instead of sitting for the majority of the class period, as I did pre-op.
  • Learned the value of support groups and therapy and their roles in my success so far.
  • Begun moving so much more during the day than I ever used to.  I feel weird sitting still for long periods of time now.
  • Run again, after not doing it for 20 years.

I have accomplished more than I expected I would, and more than I thought was possible.

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Measurements Matter

A month ago, I began pre-op dieting so that I could lose as much weight as possible prior to surgery.  At that time, I took measurements of my biceps, forearms, neck, chest, bust, waist, hip, thighs and calves so that I could see how much I would shrink over time.

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And so it begins

June 17, 2013:  Three weeks pre-op.  Pre-op diet began today.

June 17, 2013: Three weeks pre-op. Pre-op diet began today.

I met with my primary care doc this morning to review my latest labs and to get my pre-op clearance from her taken care of.  Labs, while not fabulous, are providing me with baseline a1c, fasting glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels.  My EKG was picture perfect and I have been deemed fit for surgery.

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It’s in the Genes

23andmeresultscreenA few weeks ago, I decided to send away for a DNA testing kit from the company 23andMe.  For $99, they will genotype your DNA (a very different process than sequencing), and from this information you can learn about your ancestry, what health conditions you are at risk of developing, whether or not you are a carrier for several common (and some not-so-common) inherited diseases, how you might tolerate certain drugs and what some of your physical characteristics are.  For a long time, I’d suspected that some of my behaviors and physical characteristics had an organic, biological basis and I wanted confirmation that perhaps I was correct in my thinking.

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Metrics of Success

How do you measure weight loss success?

Is it just a number on the scale?  A clothing size?

Does success always have to be measured numerically?

The scientist in me likes empirical measurements and prefers quantitative measures of success to qualitative measures.   Why?  Because there’s a number associated with it, and that’s something concrete in my mind. I have always liked numerical data, because you can manipulate it in all kinds of ways–do statistical calculations, analyze it and make visual representations from it.

But the realist in me knows that those qualitative measures are the ones that will propel me through the times that the numbers don’t come back the way I’d like them to.  So how do I plan to measure my success at losing weight in ways that are not just a number?  Here are a few things I’ve thought of:

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