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Post-Op Week 66 Progress Report: Achievement Unlocked–Misses Size Pants

image This week saw me lose most of the gain I had last week.  How, I don’t know.   This was a good week for the most part, though.
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What Shedding Clothes Looks Like, WLS Edition

Seventeen shopping bags packed full of clothes I can no longer wear left my home today for Goodwill.  I haven’t outgrown them; they outgrew me.  Or is it more apropos to say I shrank out of them?  Either way, there was no need to keep them around.

I hope another plus-sized woman or girl comes across them while she’s poppin’ tags and can use them.

I didn’t think they’d all fit in my Beetle.  I made them fit.  I was determined.  Because dammit, I wanted those clothes out of my house.  


This is what the feeling of freedom looks like to me today:  shedding all these clothes as my body has shed 154 pounds and tries to settle into the body I’ve always been meant to have.

This feels AWESOME.

Post-Op Week 32 Progress Report

This was a great week on the weight loss front.  Did not see the size of this loss coming, that’s for sure!

But I’ll take it.

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If It Fits, It Ships: Time for New Pants

Today I finally realized just how much smaller I am.

As I stood in front of my class today to teach, I noticed that my pants were way, way more baggy than I’d previously noted. You know how when you wear pants, you’re not supposed to be able to feel the skin of your thighs touching, because really, your pants should fit such that your thighs clad in fabric are touching one another.  Well, that was not the case for me, and it felt really odd.

Then, I was walking around my classroom, teaching and observing the work my students were doing on the lab they were working on, and I kept having to hitch up my pants.  This annoyed me to no end because I was trying to save my tummy from hanging out (these pants do not have belt loops, so I couldn’t wear a belt) and making an unnecessary appearance.

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Saturday Wins

Today was a great day.  Here is one reason:

wpid-IMG_20130907_210803.jpgI bought designer clothing today.  This is exciting for several reasons.

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Friday Five and Daily Bites

Today’s Bites:


Today’s food choices, from upper left: one-egg omelet with bacon and cheddar cheese; Trader Joe’s crab-stuffed flounder and broccoli; Sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese stick; green chile chicken casserole; Trader Joe’s turkey jerky; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2. Not pictured: a serving of Rudy’s pinto beans with smoked turkey and ham (about 2.5 ounces).

This Friday Five is another NSV edition because I seem to be having a lot of them lately.

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I’m Gonna Dress You Up

I went into a clothing store, and the lady asked me what size I was.  I said, ‘Actual.’  I’m not to scale.–Demetri Martin, comedian

The biggest thing politically within fashion is that the clothing should be displayed on different body shapes.–Zac Posen, American fashion designer

If you’ve ever had the privilege of having to buy plus-sized clothing, then the two quotes above probably resonate with you in some way.

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