Helpful WLS Resources

My Surgeon:  Nick Nicholson, MD of the Nicholson Clinic in Plano, Texas.  And pretty much the best doctor EVER.  I’m just sayin’.

Weight Loss Surgery–The Real Skinny:  Book released by Dr. Nicholson that is an outstanding resource for WLS patients as well as prospective WLS patients.

Obesity Help:  Excellent resource for people who are obese and want to lose weight whether it is by surgical means or non-surgical means.

Hydration Calculator:  How much water should I be drinking?  This calculator will tell you!

BMI Calculator:  Calculate your BMI here.

BMI Calculator at Barker Bariatrics:  This calculator will calculate your BMI, but will also show you expected weight loss with each of the three major bariatric procedures.  Keep in mind the numbers are only an estimate of how much you could lose and may not represent your actual results.

ASMBS Info: Benefits of Bariatric Surgery:  Want to know why bariatric surgery is a good choice for some to manage their weight?  Here’s an informative page that will tell you.

Weight Loss Calculator:  This calculator will tell you how much you can expect to lose should you choose surgery to help you lose weight.

How Much Protein Do I Need?:  This calculator will tell you how much protein you should be taking in daily based on your weight and activity level.

Nashua Nutrition:  Great source of protein supplements!

Celebrate Vitamins Bariatric Supplements:  This is where I buy my vitamins from.  They come in many flavors and are pretty tasty!

BJ’s Bariatrics: Another great place to buy protein powders. They have a fantastic sampler of the Syntrax Nectars for a great price.

The Vitamin Shoppe – Protein Powders

Bariatric Cookery: This site based in the UK has some great recipes tailored for bariatric surgery patients.

How to Find the Surgeon That’s Right For You: Not sure how to go about finding a surgeon? This page gives great tips for what to look for when shopping for a doctor to perform your WLS.

Cafe Frisco: Fabulous protein-packed recipes scaled for the bariatric surgery patient.

My Fitness Pal:  The tracking website/app I use.

Fooducate:  Really helpful site that tells you what’s in the foods you’re eating.  Provides great nutritional and manufacturing information about thousands of various food items.

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