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Post-Op Week 71 Progress Report: Is This Real Life?


Surprised by this week’s progress.  I traveled out of town for a conference,  so planning for meals was tough because I didn’t know what would be available.  I did work out two of the three mornings of the conference as my hotel had a fantastic gym in the bottom of it.  I also ended up walking nearly 15000 steps each day I was away.  I think that helped stave off any potential weight gain I could have had.  Given how I did eat while I was away, I was shocked it didn’t show up more on the scale this morning.  I dreaded stepping on it this morning but knew I needed to hold myself accountable, so I put on my big kid pants, sucked it up and weighed.

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Christmas Eve: I Passed! But I Failed!

If you’ve seen the 1985 film “Real Genius,” perhaps you remember this exchange.  Let me give you the context for it.  In the film, Chris (Val Kilmer) has been vexed by a problem he’s encountered while building a laser for one of his professors.  He has just thrown a fit in the dorm’s kitchen when he has a revelation about how to solve his problem.  This epiphany causes him to celebrate, dancing and shouting, and in the midst of his celebration, he runs into his friend Lazlo (Jon Gries).

Lazlo Hollyfeld:  Well, how’d you do?

Chris Knight: How’d I do?  I passed!  But I failed! Yeah!

Lazlo Hollyfeld:  Well, then I’m happy and sad for you.

That’s how I feel about yesterday’s eating.  I passed, but I failed.

Let me explain.

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Eight Years and The Best Laid Plans…

Eight years ago today, my husband and I were married in Vegas. I’ll give y’all the Cliffs Notes version of our story after the jump.

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