Post-Op Week 104: My Genes Suck


The biology nerd in me did some digging into my 23andMe data.  Here’s what I learned about the snps in my FTO gene.  Plain and simple:  I have the mutation in this one snp that predisposes me to both severe obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Awesome. 

I’m fighting a battle that I will never truly win, and that I’m going to be stuck fighting the rest of my life.   I’ve done a shitty job of taking care of myself for the past 8 months.  I acknowledge this.  I have finally gotten to the point where I am tired of my own bullshit, and I’m tired of letting Fat Girl win.  I’m ready to get me back to feeling good and healthy (despite all my orthopedic maladies, two of whichhave popped up since my surgery 2 years ago). 

I return home next week, and I’ve got a plan in place to reclaim my health.  I owe it to me to put Fat Girl in her place and make her see that once and for all, I deserve to be healthy, happy, and comfortable in my own skin.


The smile is deceptive. Happy but not with how I look.

2 responses to “Post-Op Week 104: My Genes Suck

  1. Finding our happy place may not be where we WANT it, but where we FIND it. I bitch every day about the 35 pounds I need to lose just to get back to my happy place ….. I’m getting tired of all the bitching too!

    And I know accountability is the only answer – even after 10 years and 3 weeks.

    It is a constant battle – don’t give up the fight!

    Itty Bitty (thank goodness I’m SHORT!)

  2. I love your honesty. It’s so refreshing! And I think it’s great you aren’t planning to throw yourself a pity party. I hope you’re able to kick Fat Girl’s butt! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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