Post-Op Week 74 Progress Report: Getting Back Into the Groove


The weight I gained while on vacation last week is slowly coming back off.  I knew it would, especially since I was back home, eating my usual stuff and not being presented with starchy carbs and sweets at every turn.  I know those pounds will take a little bit to come off, but I am okay with that. 

As much as it sucks, I have come to realize that these last 40 pounds are not going to go without a fight, and that if I really want them gone, it is going to be a monumental task that will require monumental effort to accomplish.  I am struggling to get motivated to exercise but did order a new swimsuit that has long sleeves and capri pants so I won’t freeze my ass off nearly as much in the pool.  I’ll give it a try tomorrow night when I head to the gym, because as much as I like the bike, I am tiring of it.  So I will do my upper body weight workout then swim. 

I’ve got a pot of chicken soup cooking for meals this week so there’s no reason to eat poorly this week.  I’m alao working on increasing the number of hours I sleep each night because I have a feeling that my lack of sleep is contributing to my lack of motivation about a lot of things in general.  There is so much on my plate right now and I am just ready for it to be clear so I can focus on self-care.

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