Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

An Early #transformationtuesday: First Day of School Edition


Today was the first day of school around these parts.  So naturally I dressed up–I find that I do that a hell of a lot more these days, but even more so for work than I ever did before.

The photo above is the difference a year makes.  On the left is my first day of school outfit from last year.  On the right is what I wore today, five sizes smaller.

I’m hopeful that as I begin this second year of life with my sleeve that each meal and each workout gets me closer to my goal.

It also dawned on me that my students will never know the me from the left photo.  They won’t see the gradual change in my appearance that my last year’s bunch got to see.  I’m hoping that with the addition of new workouts, they see a refinement of what I’ve gotten myself down to.

This is my New Year, and it’s on, bitches.  I will get to my goal.