Daily Archives: August 24, 2014

Post-Op Week 59 Progress Report: Back to School Edition


Not surprised by this week’s gain for a couple of reasons.  One, I am retaining water (thanks, nature, you suck); two, I rested from gym workouts this week.  I was so sore from the leg workout I did last Saturday that I was in pain for most of the week, so I decided to give my body a break.  I literally could not move for the first 3 days post-workout without yelping in pain.  What was the source of this pain, you ask?  Squats up against the wall with a balance ball.  Because the leg press machine at my gym is hard on my back (it pushes very, very uncomfortably on the small of my back), I have resorted to doing balance ball squats instead to work my quads.  It’s a better workout anyway, since I’m basically leg pressing my body weight with every repetition, and this is heavier than any plates I could put on the leg press machine and move anyway.

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