Daily Archives: June 22, 2014

Post-Op Week 50: In Which I Plan for Vacation


Slightly up on the scale this week.  I think it’s probably due to the eating out that happened this week.  I need to dial that back this week as much as possible since we will be heading out of town at the end of the week, and eating out is mostly what we’ll be doing.  We will be at my mother in law’s for part of the time we’re gone, which is good because we’ll be eating at home pretty much all that time.  When we go visit, I generally do all the cooking because my MIL is arthritic and spending long periods of time on her feet, bending and stooping is really painful for her.  So I help out by cooking for all of us while we are there.  I also load up her freezer with pre-cooked meals so that all she has to do is reheat them.

But spending time there is also a bad thing because the only thing we tend to do while we’re visiting is sit, sit, sit, and sit some more.

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