Dining Out: Perspective


It occurred to me on Friday night when I was eating dinner (out, as we always do) that when I post pictures of what I am eating that day that I’m posting the picture of the full plate that comes to my table.  It makes it look as though I’ve probably eaten all the food that’s on the plate when that is certainly not the case.

Above is a before and after photo to give you an idea of what eating out looks like for me.  In the before photo is a mahi mahi filet with crawfish etouffee sauce on a bed of red beans and rice.  The bottom photo is what was left when I was done eating half the filet with all the sauce, and about a scant quarter cup of the beans and rice (I doubt it was even that much).  The filet was a 7 ounce filet to start with, and when it came to the table, I cut it in half with my fork knowing that I’d take the uneaten portion home along with the uneaten rice and beans.  I ate part of the rice and beans Saturday before my 5K to give me some extra fuel to do the walk with.

The portion of fish and rice/beans I ate was satisfying, and I wasn’t overstuffed.  I try really hard to make sure I don’t stuff myself because it doesn’t feel very good when it happens!  The key to this is to divide the plate, ask for a box (or have half your plate boxed for you before they bring it to the table), putting your fork down between bites, and make sure you’re not STARVING when you sit down to eat.  Engage in conversation while you eat to keep your mouth otherwise occupied.  Take time to enjoy your meal and the company you’re with, and you’ll find that maybe, just maybe, you’ll eat a little less than you otherwise might.

Just wanted to show you what a meal out looks like for me when I’m not splitting the plate with hubby.

2 responses to “Dining Out: Perspective

  1. I share many many meals with my husband or child.

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