The Little Things: Auditorium Edition

I had a faculty meeting today in our school’s Performing Arts Center. It is a 1500 seat auditorium with seats like this:


At the beginning of the school year back in August, when we had a faculty meeting in this facility, I had to sit on the edge of the seat because I could not scoot back.  My hips were too wide to fit into the seat properly.

Today I’m pleased to note that I have 2 inches of clearance on either side of the seat.

This makes me wonder what sitting in an airplane seat will be like.  It’s been a few years since I last flew anywhere, mostly because the last time I flew somewhere, I was required by the airline to purchase a second seat.  It was a rather humiliating experience which I’ll write about at another time.  After it happened, I refused to fly anywhere and chose to John Madden it anywhere I had to travel.

I have to fly to Albuquerque in August for a family reunion.  I think I’m more excited about the prospect of sitting in an airplane seat without an extender than I am about visiting family. 🙂  The last time I flew without an extender (16 years ago), I weighed 80 pounds more than I do now, so I am positive that I no longer need one.  I am pretty sure it will be all I can do not to cry when this moment happens.

Little things like this are what keep me motivated to stay the course.

Today’s eating was good.  Lots of lean poultry today and fibrous carbs in the form of beans and corn.  I was pretty active today, walking nearly 4 miles at work alone!  I got in 999 calories, 106 grams protein, 57 grams carbs, and 38 grams of fat.


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