Post-Op Week 37 Progress Report


This week’s progress: great!  I added both calories and activity, and it gave me the result I was after so I will continue this behavior until it doesn’t give me the result I want.

At the end of the week, I will be participating in my first 5K race, which I am excited about even though I will be working out of town all day (the race is at night).  I am excited that I have three friends who will be joining me–things like this are always better when there are friends to support you along the way!

I’m also going to give the interval training Kori (my trainer) recommended that I try to see how it affects my weight loss.  This week I also added Nordic walking into my routine, which is a lot more work than just regular walking!  It definitely keeps things interesting, which I need lest I get bored and quit altogether.

My weight loss is slowing down, as I knew it would and had been warned that it would so I’m hoping that mixing up my activity will help speed it along a little bit.  I’m actually glad that I may not reach my personal WL goal by my one-year anniversary because it gives my skin a chance to bounce back a little bit.  The loose skin is probably the most disconcerting part of this process for me now–I really don’t like it but there is little I can do about it at this point.  I am still firmly planted in the “no plastic surgery” camp, but I’ll wait until I’ve spent a couple of years maintaining my goal weight to reach a final decision about what to do about the loose skin.  Until then, Spanx it is.

I see my surgeon again in a little over 3 weeks.  I’m hoping to be closer to his goal by then.  Right now, I am only 20 pounds away from my surgeon’s goal, and 200 pounds lighter than my heaviest adult weight.  I am only 70 pounds from my goal weight.  I may not get there by July 8, but I WILL GET THERE.

I can do this!

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