I’m in desperate need of a week off.

But Spring Break is still a week away for me.

I need the time off to recharge and rest, to relax and not think about all the life stuff swirling around me at the moment.

The only thing in my life right now that I feel like I have a handle on is managing my eating. I find this to be highly ironic given that a year ago, I didn’t. I was out of control and had been for quite some time.

Funny how I still feel comforted by food, but in a totally different way.

Today’s eating was okay. I’ve eaten more carbs this week overall because I have been eating beans, and the pollo guisado I made has potatoes in it. I got in 1020 calories today, 101 grams of protein, 78 carbs and 31 grams of fat. I am working out tomorrow night, as well as Saturday and Sunday morning. We have a wedding to go to, and I’m not sure what is being served so I’m going to exercise to make up for whatever I end up eating.


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