Tonight I ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Now, they weren’t 10 continuous minutes, but it was 10 minutes nonetheless.

10 months ago, I couldn’t have walked 10 minutes continuously without getting winded.

In 10 days, I turn 41.

When I turned 40, I couldn’t run at all.

In fact, there were a lot of things I couldn’t do when I turned 40 that I can do now. Running is one of them.

I plan to spend the next 10 days reflecting on 40, and looking ahead to 41. I’m actually looking forward to this birthday for a change.

I’m heading into 41 with clear health-related goals in sight. I am healthier than I have ever been as an adult. I am smaller, more stylish, more polished, and more self-assured. I am more mindful, introspective, and attentive to my own needs. I am slowly learning that I am important to me.

The past year has been nothing short of incredible. It has been transformative on multiple levels to say the least. I feel like I have only started to uncover the me that’s been trapped in the fat blanket that’s surrounded me my whole life. I feel like this next year will be full of continued growth, soul searching, and change. I only hope that these things bring me benefits I can reap the rest of my life.

Today was a high carb day since I worked out. I do tend to eat more carbs on workout days so I don’t feel bad about eating them. I got in 80 grams of protein, 86 carbs and 41 grams of fat. Calories eaten were 1019. I drank well over a gallon of water today (18 cups). Today’s workout was 20 minutes on the bike (3.45 miles) and 23 minutes on the treadmill (1.08 miles).


Today's food choices, from upper right: Rudy's ham, bean and egg breakfast bowl; half a pita with a tablespoon of almond butter; mini Italian chicken meatloaf; chocolate frozen yogurt with coconut and mini chocolate chips; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, iron supplement; blackened mahi mahi, asparagus and cheese grits.

3 responses to “10

  1. Congrats on the 10 minutes running …. it’s a big “step” in the right direction!

  2. You sure work hard at this, it is very impressive, a great role model for me.

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