The Best Laid Plans

Tonight was supposed to be gym night.

Then your Dad texts you and tells you that A, his wife (not your mom) is in the hospital and that it doesn’t look good.

The trip to the gym becomes so much less significant.  You shift into crisis mode.

Thankfully, for me, crisis mode is where I operate like a smoove mofo.

I got the text as I was leaving work this evening, called my Dad and said we’d be at the hospital right away.  He insisted that we didn’t need to be there, but I insisted that we did, and that we would, and to expect us in 30 minutes.

I called my husband and let him know that we needed to go to the hospital as soon as I got home.  I packed some jerky in my bag and grabbed a bottle of water, because I knew that whatever offering the hospital waiting room would have wasn’t going to be plan friendly.  After spending time this past summer in waiting rooms, I knew what to expect.

We then left, I updated my husband on A’s condition and went to the hospital to wait with my Dad to see if A’s condition changed any (it had not), and to just be there for him.

It was hard to see my Dad consumed with worry.  The initial news the doctors had given him was not good, and the anxiety about what may or may not happen was written on his face and in his eyes.  I hadn’t seen my Dad look that way since my Grandpa (his Dad) died nearly 20 years ago.

The gym became much less important.  I had planned to go.  But sometimes life happens and derails those plans, and you know what?

It was better I didn’t go.  My Dad needed me.  That’s what matters most today.  The gym will be there later this week when I can get away.   My Dad needed me.

And I didn’t eat my stress.  This is a victory for me on many levels, as I am a bona fide stress eater.

Yes, I ate more carbs today than I normally do, but I had done so in anticipation of going to the gym.  I’ll be on my feet all day tomorrow anyway, and I can adjust my eating tomorrow to accommodate for the high carb day.

Life happens, and when it does, whatever plan we have for our health and eating just isn’t the priority.  There are larger, more pressing issues to be dealt with.  And hopefully, whatever aftercare programs we’re involved with have given us the tools to deal with life’s curveballs so that they don’t knock us for a loop.

Today, family was more important than me and my plan.  And some days, that’s just the truth.

Today’s eating was good, all things considered:  116 protein, 61 carbs, 31 fat, 995 calories.  I drank 112 ounces of water and walked 3 miles all day.  My breakfast was awesome….sliced sirloin and a scrambled egg–fabulous!  I am planning to have it again tomorrow.  Lunch will be a turkey cutlet and green beans.  Dinner will likely be roast chicken with marinara and mozzarella, sort of a skinny version of chicken Parmesan.  Snacks tomorrow will be the rest of the roast beef, a couple of strawberries, and a cheese stick I’ve got in the fridge at school.


Today’s food choices, from upper right: leftover rice and charra beans; sirloin steak and scrambled egg; sliced house roasted roast beef from Central Market; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, iron supplement; turkey breast slices, green beans, gravy, cornbread, and garlic dill new potatoes from Boston Market; seared turkey breast cutlet and Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes.

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