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I’m not mad about anything I’ve done or not done this week.  This week has actually been a pretty okay one, considering it’s period week, my hormones are crazy, my sleeve is gurgly and acidy, and my calories have been over 900 (but under 1000) each day.  My protein intake has been pretty high, I’ve walked quite a bit every day (3 miles plus most days), and I’ve been good about getting in my water.  I’ve also decided to start taking an antacid before breakfast and dinner to help curb the acidic tummy.  It seems to be working.

So what has got me so incensed?

Tonight we watched the last episode of “My 600-pound Life.”  The episode we saw was about a woman named Penny.

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January 22: One Year Later

One year ago today, I weighed around 400 pounds.

One year ago today, I attended a seminar to learn more about WLS and to meet a potential candidate to perform the surgery I’d already decided I would have during the summertime.

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“But you’ve lost so much weight!”

I saw this at a restaurant where I had a meeting tonight and thought, how apropos.  Even though I was in my gym clothes, having squeezed in a workout when I was not expecting to have the time to do one today, I thought to myself, “I. Look. Good.”

Everyone else seems to think so.  It’s time I started believing it too.

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Post-Op Week 28 Progress Report

This week’s date with the scale ended well.  I think I’ll go on another one next week to see where things head with our relationship.

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Conquering the Stairs

Today was a Saturdate with my husband. We went out for shawarma, mall walking, and a movie. Good times were had by all!

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“I Don’t Know How to Say This, But…”

was how a conversation I had with a student today started out.

She wandered toward me and said that as I was walking around returning quizzes today.

Then she said, “Mrs. F, you’ve lost a lot of weight since school started.” and gave me a look that says you’re not dying are you?

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Emerging From the Funk

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