Post-Op Week 28 Progress Report

This week’s date with the scale ended well.  I think I’ll go on another one next week to see where things head with our relationship.

The gain I had last week came off, and then took a friend along with it.  I hope this continues.  The only thing I did last week to tweak things was to increase my calorie intake slightly each day, but I stayed under 1000 calories, which is my upper limit on any given day.  Before last week, I hadn’t gotten close to 1000 calories but only once, on my husband’s birthday and that was back in September.  I really do work hard to stick to as close to 900 calories as possible.  My activity level was about the same, and I drank nearly a gallon of water most every day, and on a couple of days actually hit that target.

I had my husband take my measurements yesterday, as I do this on or around the 17th of each month since that is the day I began my pre-op diet last June.  After tallying up all the numbers, I discovered I’ve lost nearly 90 inches all around my body.

90 inches.


That’s nearly 8 feet.  HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I understand why my husband continually says I am unrecognizable in crowds or at the grocery store from a distance.  I don’t feel smaller but I guess I really am!  He did say to me today, “I was checking out your butt and I noticed that your pants are baggy there now.  I remember when you got them, they were snug.”

I bought the pair of jeans I’m wearing now at the end of October.  They’re loose now.  But they’re not so loose that I’m willing to concede that they are too big!

I am now 38 pounds away from my surgeon’s goal.  I see him again in April, so just 3 months away.  I think I can hit it by then.  I sure hope I can.  If I don’t, I won’t be disappointed.

I cooked up a storm today for the week.  I made spicy taco meat with extra lean ground beef instead of lean turkey this time, a broccoli almond salad with a Cara Cara orange dressing to lighten it up (over the bacon vinaigrette I made last week), and my ham, egg and cheese casserole (because it was so flippin’ good!).  I’ll post up the recipe for the salad tomorrow because right now, it’s bedtime for Bonzo.  I have a professional development day at work tomorrow while the rest of the education world has the day off.

Nope, I’m not bitter.  Not at all.

Today’s eating was pretty good–I kept my calories down closer to 900 at 908.  I got in 87 grams of protein, 44 carbs and 37 grams of fat.  Lots of leftovers were eaten today.


Today’s food choices, from upper right: multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, iron supplement; leftover grilled salmon Oscar, steamed broccoli and fried asparagus; bread samples from Central Market; half a macaron; leftover chicken from Genghis Grill; deli sliced roast beef from Central Market and slice of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese; tiny wedge of grapefruit; glass of HEB Mootopia high-protein chocolate milk (1 cup). Not shown: 3 tablespoons of rice.

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