Emerging From the Funk

This has been a hard week, for multiple reasons.

Work has been hellishly busy.   My course sequence is set up such that I teach the tougher concepts in the spring closer to the time of the AP exam so that the kids are less likely to forget them.  This also means that the lab work is much more intense.  And because my class sizes and section numbers increased dramatically this year, it has been pretty rough adjusting to the increase in workload.

The week began poorly with my encounter with the scale Sunday morning.  All week long, I’ve let that stupid thing make me feel less than awesome, and for no good reason.  I’m a numbers girl, and when the numbers don’t look the way I want them to, I get really bent out of shape.

And then…

A friend of mine posted this to her Facebook page today, and when I read it, the light instantly came on over my head.

allornothing-bekindIt said everything I needed to hear at the right time.

This morning I decided against weighing myself.  You see, most Thursdays I weigh in (but don’t record the number) so I can see how I’m doing during the week so I can tweak things as needed.  Today I decided not to.  And I think this was a good thing.

I can’t control my hormones and how they act.  I can control how I react to this, though.  I can control what I put into my body to nourish it.  I can’t control what my body does with it.  I can control how I feel about what I am doing and how I am doing it.

So I am choosing to control how I feel.  And I choose to feel good about what I’ve been doing.  As my husband pointed out last night, I’m not consuming 3000+ calories a day like I used to.  The weight will come off; it has no choice.

It will come off.  Maybe not in my timeframe, but it WILL come off.

I’ve been a protein beast craving salads the past few days, so I’ve eaten salads.  Tonight I made my salad with grilled chicken, which filled me up so I didn’t get to eat much of my salad.  That’s okay…I have leftovers for tomorrow!  I got in 99 grams of protein, 23 carbs and 38 grams of fat.  Calorie count was 883.  I walked like a mofo today (over 3.3 miles!) too so that was good.  Tomorrow I will be eating more carbs because I am planning to spend a nice long ride on the recumbent bike tomorrow night for my gym date with my hubby so I will need the fuel for sure!


Today’s food choices, from upper right: leftover roast chicken; ham, egg and cheese casserole; turkey taco filling; broccoli bacon almond salad; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, iron supplement; grilled chicken breast with mixed green salad, shredded carrots, cheese, croutons and bacon.

4 responses to “Emerging From the Funk

  1. Don’t let those bits of not losing bring you down! I found that while I was in that heavenly losing stage, when I measured myself, inches would go away even if pounds didn’t some weeks. And some times, I think our bodies just take a wee break!

    and then the light bulb comes on! Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. During my period, I gain as much as 10lbs in water weight! Please don’t let it get to you–it pains me to see it undermine your progress even a little.

    I always tell myself I can control the input but not the output. There are many factors at work with our bodies, as I’m sure you know. All I can do is control what I put in.

    • This month’s been the worst for water weight gain…my hormones are completely screwy. They’ve been pretty okay until now. I’m trying to learn new coping skills to deal with the little setbacks, but it’s tough when you’re only used to beating yourself up. :/

      Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it, because you can never get too much of it.

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