Daily Archives: January 5, 2014

Post-Op Week 26 Progress Report and Closing In On Surgeon’s Goal


This week’s loss was a good one.  I knew that the slight holiday gain I had last week would drop right back off, and sure enough, it did.  This puts me on pace to lose about 16 pounds during post-op month 6.

I’m glad to be headed back to school tomorrow because it means that I can get back into a routine, which has been important in my success so far.  Today and tomorrow, I’ll be chipping away at my 100 workouts in 2014 goal, and focusing on moving more during the week.  Friday night I plan to give my first Zumba class a try.  I have friends and family who do it, love it, and swear by it, so I’m hoping I have a good experience with it.

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