Just Move.

I’m off work this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, which is a sorely needed break for me. It has been a challenging semester, with a greatly increased workload and trying to learn a new lifestyle all at the same time.

Life is not on holiday, though, and maintenance of this new body and lifestyle isn’t either. I’m trying to get in a little more sleep each night by sleeping in until 9 each morning, and adhering to roughly the same eating schedule that I do during the week.

Movement is the key–getting it in each day.

When I am at work, it’s very easy to do since I’m always walking around my classroom. Home…it’s a bit tougher. I had planned to return to the gym to walk on the treadmill, but my legs were still very sore from Saturday morning’s workout. So today, we went to Ikea and walked around the store for about 40 minutes since it was cold and rainy outside. Earlier this evening, I played Wii tennis for nearly half an hour, pacing the entire time. Then while we watched Scandal on Netflix, I used our little portable stationary bike and pedaled for 10 minutes.

Any little movement you can build into your day is good. This is especially important if you’re not accustomed to being terribly active in the first place. Start small and work up to more intense activity. You will get better at it, and you will find that it gets easier to do. I find now that I have a hard time sitting still for prolonged periods of time any more. I’m much more fidgety now than I was pre-op!

Today’s eating was pretty good. Protein was at 86 grams, carbs at 43, fat at 39. I drank a cup of diet hot cocoa and it was tasty! Perfect for a cold fall evening. If I had thought about it, I bet I could’ve stirred some protein powder in with it for an extra boost.


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