Daily Archives: November 20, 2013

Backing Out and Subbing In

I’ve signed up for a run in a neighboring city–the Gobble Hobble. I’m excited about participating.

What I am NOT excited about is the weather forecast for Saturday:

f-ingweatherBiting cold (45 is the HIGH) and rain.  Neither of these are conditions I function well in.  I don’t do well in temps below 50 degrees–I get hives all over.  And that’s no joke.  The last fun run I did where the temp dipped below 50, I broke out in hives that took nearly an hour to disappear.  And the last time I sat out in weather that was cold and rainy, my feet and fingers were numb for a good hour afterward. Not something I care to relive.

The fact that it will also be raining makes this suck twice as much.  So I’ve made the executive decision to sit this one out, even though I’ve paid for my registration and all that jazz.  At least part of that money goes to a worthy charity that serves the community so I don’t feel bad about sitting it out.

Here is what I’m planning to do instead.

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