Daily Archives: November 3, 2013

Post-Op Week 17 Progress Report and Bitten by the Running Bug

This week’s loss was a small one, but a loss is a loss, right?


My ankles are a bit puffy in this picture because we took the picture after we got home from our road trip.  I’d been in the car for a little over 4 hours, and you know being stationary + salty food = cankles.

I’m not thrilled that I’m developing a turkey wattle under my chin–how apropos since it’s November and all.  But I’m starting to see a LOT of loose skin all over (arms, legs) that needs tightening.  Time to start lifting weights I suppose.  Now how to fit it into my schedule is the question.  I also need a haircut in a bad way, but I’m terrified of getting it cut because I’m losing hair by the handful and have been for the past month now.  I hope this hair loss slows down and stops soon because I already had thinning hair to start with and this is NOT HELPING.  Continue reading