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One Hundred Pounds Later…

I don’t mind parking farther away when I get to school early in the mornings.

shopping for clothes is actually fun.

I can bend over to tie my shoes without asking my husband to do it for me.

I am starting to think about enrolling in fitness classes.

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Uncovering Bones, Fitness Goals and Daily Bites

I noticed this today:

I have never in my entire life seen my collarbone.  Now, mind you I am flexing my shoulder, but still. 

I can see and feel my collarbone.  I can feel my sternum and ribs, and when I lay down, I can feel the iliac crest of my pelvis.  Such bizarre feelings to feel my bones emerging from under my flesh!

I decided today to revise my fitness goals and to set a new one.

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Uncovering Ugly to Find Pretty

What is pretty?

Have you ever given it much thought?  I don’t want you to give me the societal expectation of pretty.

What is pretty to you?  Think about it.

I had to think about this tonight while I sat on my therapist’s couch and told the story of my interaction with the Talbots salesgirl on Saturday.  One of the things I left out of my story about my victorious trip there Saturday was this:  while we were conversing about our respective struggles with our weight and what we had each done to fight them, she said to me, “You’re so pretty.”  I thanked her and our conversation continued.

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If It Fits, It Ships: Time for New Pants

Today I finally realized just how much smaller I am.

As I stood in front of my class today to teach, I noticed that my pants were way, way more baggy than I’d previously noted. You know how when you wear pants, you’re not supposed to be able to feel the skin of your thighs touching, because really, your pants should fit such that your thighs clad in fabric are touching one another.  Well, that was not the case for me, and it felt really odd.

Then, I was walking around my classroom, teaching and observing the work my students were doing on the lab they were working on, and I kept having to hitch up my pants.  This annoyed me to no end because I was trying to save my tummy from hanging out (these pants do not have belt loops, so I couldn’t wear a belt) and making an unnecessary appearance.

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Post-Op Week 15 Progress Report

This week’s trip to the scale was more than just a weekly measure.

This week’s trip to the scale was simply EPIC.

I was not expecting this week’s loss to be so great.  But it was.

I stepped off and on the scale multiple times to confirm that I’d seen the numbers correctly, especially the first number.  I seriously couldn’t believe what I saw.  The scale displayed numbers I’d never seen before.

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Knocking Down Milestones at the Speed of Light

Today is one for the books. Today I woke up and achieved more than I ever thought possible, and really, I didn’t do much!

This morning, my Rotary Club had our annual fundraiser out at a local shopping center.  It was an Amazing Race type competition, and racers had to figure out clues to be able to move from station to station, where they had to complete certain tasks.  I arrived at our home base this morning to receive instructions about what my task for the day was and to see if anything else needed to be done there.  I saw that everyone in my club had on t-shirts that indicated they were volunteers and I thought, well I should probably get one.  So I approached the table where they all were and scanned the offerings:  medium, large and extra-large.  The guy who was in charge of ordering the shirts came over and immediately began apologizing, saying that because the shirt order had gone in late, that a XXL would have cost extra, and the budget was only so much, the biggest size available was an XL.  I said, “Well a couple of weeks ago my husband bought me a t-shirt in XXL and it fit baggy then, so I bet this will fit.  No worries.”  Then I grabbed a shirt, took off my jacket and put it on over the shirt I was wearing at the time.

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Eat, Sleep, Walk, Repeat.

Eat, sleep, walk, repeat.  That seems to be the tenor of my days lately.  I wish I had a bit more variety with regard to my activity level but currently walking is all my schedule is allowing me these days.  Sigh…

I had to do this today:

My rings were getting too loose and I was afraid I’d lose one.  I’m thinking that once I get home tomorrow evening from the Rotary service project I’m working all day I’ll hit up a jeweler and buy a guard.  It’s time.

Life has been way more busy than I prefer it to be lately.  This is a tough thing for me to admit.

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