I Ran

Two pretty awesome things happened to me today.

  • I was approached to run for secretary of my Rotary Club, as we have elections soon.  I said yes.
  • I ran briefly, albeit slowly and in the wrong kind of shoes.  But I ran.  And my knees didn’t cry out for mercy when I did it.

The possibility that lies in both of these things is exciting to me.  I won’t lie, I am more excited about the second than the first.  I enjoy being a leader, don’t get me wrong, but the time commitment is a concern.

But the running!

I was so afraid that I’d forgotten how to run that I wouldn’t be able to do it right or at all.  After all, it has been over 20 years since I last ran for any reason.  The fact that I could still do it (and probably not well) and that I actually got from Point A to Point B faster than I could walk was exciting to me.  This makes me want to start my plan to begin Couch to 5K a little earlier than I had planned to.   Perhaps I’ll give it a try next week, as long as the weather cooperates and it’s not rainy.


I’ve envisioned myself running for so long, and now the potential exists for me to actually DO it.  And it’s really cool to me to think that this is something I can do that is good for me, will help my weight loss along, and that I can enjoy.   I just need to keep putting the vision of myself running into my thoughts so that I can believe I can do it.  I know I don’t have to be perfect at it, but I just need to DO it.

I’m actually kind of giddy thinking about it.  Is that silly?

Today’s food:  81 grams of protein, but a higher carb day than I’ve had lately, with 47 grams.  Not worried about it though, since most of the carbs were from veggies that I ate.  I snacked on my leftover Brussels sprouts from yesterday’s dinner and they were quite good.  Still under 900 calories so still on target there.


Today’s food choices, from upper right: cup of chili with saltine crackers; Jack Links beef jerky; leftover Brussels sprouts; honey barbecue chicken breast with green beans almondine; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, iron supplement; Rudy’s ham, bacon, egg and cheese breakfast bowl.

I’m thinking ahead to this weekend and all the planning that needs to be done to ensure that I can stay on target and still be able to have fun and visit with friends.  I have already stocked up on sleeve-friendly snacks to take with us, have plans to carry a water bottle with me that I can fill at water fountains on campus, and am packing the scale so that I can weigh in on Sunday morning.  The more consistently I can stick to my routine, the better off I will be in the long run.

And the long run is what I’m in for.

2 responses to “I Ran

  1. Awesome! I have been thinking a lot about running, too. Everytime I see someone who is out running, I am full of respect! I am a little scared to try!

  2. Same here…especially if the person I see running is large. In our neighborhood there are quite a few big girls I see out running, and I think to myself, “I’m gonna be like her soon.” I just need to get the courage to get out there and do it!

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