Uncovering Bones, Fitness Goals and Daily Bites

I noticed this today:

I have never in my entire life seen my collarbone.  Now, mind you I am flexing my shoulder, but still. 

I can see and feel my collarbone.  I can feel my sternum and ribs, and when I lay down, I can feel the iliac crest of my pelvis.  Such bizarre feelings to feel my bones emerging from under my flesh!

I decided today to revise my fitness goals and to set a new one.

I decided to revise my running goal.  I really want to get a little more weight off before I stress my knees any more than they have already been.  I’m going to start Couch to 5K when I get down to 270 pounds.  This is 25 pounds away for me.  Since it will likely be cold when this happens, I will do any running I have to do at the indoor track at our local rec center.  I get hives when I get overly cold and don’t want that to take away from the fact that I’m trying to run, even if it is a slow trot.

I’m going to sign up for a fitness boot camp when I get to my surgeon’s goal, which is 220 pounds.  I see them all the time in my school’s parking lot and wish I could participate.  One afternoon I saw them out there, and I told myself someday that will be me.  And it will be.  Hopefully by my birthday in March.  So the two gifts I will give myself for my birthday will be a Bleecker tote from Coach and a boot camp class.  Now I need to find one locally that is good.  I have a couple of ideas about ones I’ve heard that were good, but I need to do a little more research.

Much better protein and fat day today:  90 grams of protein and only 23 grams of fat.  I felt much, much better about my eating today even though physically I felt like crap due to this bug I seem to have picked up.  The superdoses of vites are not helping so I may just have to let this thing run its course. 😦


Today’s food choices, from upper right: leftover grilled shrimp with broccoli and grilled zucchini; Oscar Meyer deli chicken breast with carrots and green beans; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2, B12 and iron supplements, vitamin C and D supplements (not shown); smoked turkey with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese; guts of a breakfast burrito made with smoked turkey and pinto beans; Jack Link’s beef jerky.

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