Daily Archives: October 19, 2013

Knocking Down Milestones at the Speed of Light

Today is one for the books. Today I woke up and achieved more than I ever thought possible, and really, I didn’t do much!

This morning, my Rotary Club had our annual fundraiser out at a local shopping center.  It was an Amazing Race type competition, and racers had to figure out clues to be able to move from station to station, where they had to complete certain tasks.  I arrived at our home base this morning to receive instructions about what my task for the day was and to see if anything else needed to be done there.  I saw that everyone in my club had on t-shirts that indicated they were volunteers and I thought, well I should probably get one.  So I approached the table where they all were and scanned the offerings:  medium, large and extra-large.  The guy who was in charge of ordering the shirts came over and immediately began apologizing, saying that because the shirt order had gone in late, that a XXL would have cost extra, and the budget was only so much, the biggest size available was an XL.  I said, “Well a couple of weeks ago my husband bought me a t-shirt in XXL and it fit baggy then, so I bet this will fit.  No worries.”  Then I grabbed a shirt, took off my jacket and put it on over the shirt I was wearing at the time.

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