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Fair Day

Today was a great day to head to the State Fair. It was not too hot, and the rain that was expected held off until late afternoon, and the people watching…so choice!  Today was the Texas-OU game at the Cotton Bowl, which is right in the middle of Fair Park, so all sorts of folks descend upon the Fair for the game.  We wandered the fairgrounds in search of cars, pig races, livestock, arts and crafts and a few food items.

I celebrated a couple of NSVs on our expedition to the Fair.  Each year when we go, we take the light rail down to Fair Park–it is easier and cheaper than parking on the fairgrounds.  Last year when we went, my husband and I could not share a seat on the train.  We had to sit in separate seats because we each took up too much space.  Today, we both fit into one train seat.

Here is a picture of the other one:

Left:  Me, October 2012.  Right:  Me, today.

Left: Me, October 2012. Right: Me, today.

Both photos were taken in the portico outside the Automobile Building on the fairgrounds.  There really is quite a difference between the two–my shoulders are so much more narrow, my upper body is smaller, and I am even carrying my bag differently since there is less of me for it to cross.  I think that’s a win.

I’ll share a few of the photos I took today while we were at the Fair.  As Ice Cube once said, “it was a good day.”
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