Post-Op Week 13 Progress Report

This week’s loss was a surprise. Not that it happened, but the amount that was lost was a surprise.  I didn’t walk as much as I would have liked to this week, but I did drink nearly a gallon of water each day (14 cups most days), I ate at or over 80 grams of protein daily, and was either at or under my calorie goal every day last week (900 calories).  I am starting to see my belly finally flatten out, and when I look at myself in the mirror in the mornings as I’m getting out of the shower, I can see the contours of my shape finally becoming visible.  One thing is certain:  I need to begin weight training soon so that I don’t lose muscle mass and so I can tone up the musculature that I do have.  Thankfully, when I put on muscle, I put it on crazy fast.  My weekend schedule should be calming down pretty soon so that I can start to focus on strength training and hitting the gym for weight lifting sessions.  I need to make an appointment to see one of the trainers there so I can re-learn how to use the machines and such since this gym we are members of now has different machines than the last gym we were at.

As of today, I’m 14.8 pounds away from my first major weight loss goal.  I am 92  pounds away from my surgeon’s goal for me.  I feel like I might reach his goal by my birthday, which is exciting and scary because it’s a weight I haven’t been as an adult.  I have also lost 21.5% of my starting weight.  This is also awesome.

For now, I’m going to keep hitting my protein and calorie goals and try to get in more walking this week. We are hitting the State Fair on Saturday, and dammit, I am going to try the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner!  The way I see it, State Fair fare only gets eaten once a year, and we walk ALL OVER FAIR PARK when we go–I’m talking at least 5 miles last year alone.  This year, we are planning on walking a lot more (because we CAN), and eating a lot less (because we CAN), so if I eat bits and bites of things like the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner, I’m not going to feel bad about it because I’m going to be walking my ass off all day long.  And I am okay with this.


And here’s what I ate today. Good protein day: 82 grams.


Today’s food choices, from upper right: Rudy’s smoked ham and Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes; bacon, cheese and egg loaf (looks weird, tastes awesome); multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; Trader Joe’s turkey jerky; Rudy’s smoked turkey with Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes and roasted corn.

I also did a little cooking this evening, between all the grading, laundry and tutoring I had to do today.  I fixed green beans with bacon as my veggie of choice this week, and I decided to try making little egg loaves with bacon and aged Cheddar.  I ate one tonight as my last meal of the day, and it was quite good!  I could not finish all of it, which is fine, but what I did eat was really filling and will make good breakfast for 3 days this week.  I’ll eat turkey sausages and scrambled eggs the other two days.  I’m planning on eating the mini meatloaves I made a couple of weeks ago for lunches this week.  I am also going to make some barbecued chicken breast in the crockpot tomorrow as well as crockpot pork tenderloin fajitas for hubby and me.  We will definitely eat well this week.


Did some cooking today. Top: green beans with bacon. Bottom: bacon, aged cheddar and egg loaves. Odd presentation, but it worked for me!

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