Odd Body, Part 2: The Temperamental Tum

My tummy decided today it was going to act up.  No puking, no nausea–thank goodness.  Just tightness and sound.

How so?  Well, this morning, my restriction kicked in well before I was done eating my breakfast, which consisted of 3 turkey sausage links and a scrambled egg with cheese.  Most mornings I am able to eat the entire plate (which is a small one anyway) and be satisfied.  This morning though, I ate the sausage (pretty delicious), started in on the egg and ate a little over a third of it and could not eat any more.  I was done.  It felt odd, because as I said, I’m usually capable of eating the egg in its entirety as well.

I won’t complain…I need my restriction to work for me, especially in this first year when weight loss is most rapid.  I just thought it was weird that every other morning I have no trouble eating what I’ve fixed myself and this morning, I could not.  It made me wonder, does my restriction sort of turn itself off and on whenever it feels like it?

Then all day long, my tummy decided it wanted to participate in the world and grumbled rather loudly.  I haven’t had this issue since a couple of weeks post-op.  It was a bit embarrassing as we were doing quiet seat work in class today.  I’m pretty sure my students could hear the symphony of sounds my GI tract was making as I walked around the room watching them work.  I mean, I took my Pepcid this morning which usually quiets the beast within, but not today it didn’t!

Which reminds me, I need to call my surgeon’s office to see if I can get a refill on it.  I am afraid of what sort of grumbling and growling and aches will happen once my prescription runs out next week.  My surgeon prescribes Pepcid for the first 3 months post-op to reduce acid production and to promote healing, but after that, you’re taken off of it.  I have found the Pepcid to be helpful in keeping my acid-induced hunger at bay.

I also had to call my PCP’s office because they had called yesterday saying they’d received a refill request from my pharmacy for Metformin.  The medical assistant wanted to know did I need any of it before my appointment next week so that they could call in the refill?  I returned the call this morning and explained that no, Dr. D had taken me off Metformin about 5 weeks post-op and to wait and see what my labs showed her.  So I will find out next week if I need to be put back on the meds or not.  I’m really hoping that I don’t need to be back on Metformin–diabetes medication is no fun, and Metformin is no exception.  Nothing quite like a drug that gives you the poops but controls your blood sugar like a boss!

Side note:  I had a strange dream the other night about my surgeon.  I dreamed that he and I were eating dinner together.  It was very weird, because in the dream there was another lady there that we were trying to convince to have weight loss surgery.  All I remember is that the three of us were sitting at a restaurant table, and that my doctor and I were eating small plates of food and she was eating a huge plate of food.  Strange indeed.  This is not the first dream I have had that my surgeon has made an appearance in–if I remember correctly, prior to surgery, I had a dream in which he and I were playing cards together.

Just weird.

Today was a protein-packed day: 91 grams.  My Rotary Club meeting tonight was at a Greek restaurant that had plenty of good choices for dinner, so I chose the grilled tilapia with green beans, navy bean soup and the half red-skinned potato.  I ate about 3 tablespoons of the soup (strained the liquid), half the fish, a tiny bite of the potato and about 3 green beans.  It was quite good!   I brought half of it home as leftovers for a meal tomorrow.


Today’s food choices, from upper left: scrambled egg with cheese and Owens turkey sausage links; multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; sliced turkey breast with cheddar cheese; grilled tilapia, green beans and part of a half red skin potato; grilled chicken breast, broccoli and Kraft singles cheese slice; navy bean soup.  Not shown:  a half cup of Central Market Organics unsweetened applesauce.

The weekend is going to present a new challenge:  tailgating at a football game.  Still wondering how to handle this one…stay tuned!

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