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NSVs For the Win

This week has been a fantastic week for me in terms of NSVs.

Monday, I walked at a pace that puts me at a 25-minute mile, which is my goal for Saturday’s 1-Mile Mosey.

Tuesday, I figured out that I still had a long way to go in terms of learning about how to conduct this new lifestyle I’ve adopted and co-opted.

Yesterday, I ran.

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I Ran

Two pretty awesome things happened to me today.

  • I was approached to run for secretary of my Rotary Club, as we have elections soon.  I said yes.
  • I ran briefly, albeit slowly and in the wrong kind of shoes.  But I ran.  And my knees didn’t cry out for mercy when I did it.

The possibility that lies in both of these things is exciting to me.  I won’t lie, I am more excited about the second than the first.  I enjoy being a leader, don’t get me wrong, but the time commitment is a concern.

But the running!

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Still So Much to Learn

After getting a few things out in my therapy session tonight, I determined that there is much I still have to learn about this new lifestyle I’ve created for myself.

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The 25-Minute Mile

A quick health update:

I think the cold I tried to catch last week is finally leaving.  I’m not as congested as I was, and my coughing has quieted down quite a lot.  This is fantastic, as I’ve gotten really poor sleep the past few nights due to the coughing.  I’ll be glad when it’s gone entirely because my abdomen is really sore from all the coughing I’ve done.

Tonight when I got home, I decided that I wanted to go to the park not too far from the house to take a walk and feed the ducks some croutons and corn chips we’d had sitting around the house from before we had surgery.  So I changed clothes and hubby and I went to the park but didn’t stay long since the skies looked like they might open up and pour down rain any second.

I scattered the food around and the critters came sniffing about, curious about what had just been tossed their way.  I knew that the ducks might not eat what I threw out, but that the nutria that live there definitely would.  A few minutes after I’d distributed the food around the creek bank, sure enough, one came up from the creek to see what goodies we’d brought.  We got to see one of them sneak onto the bank and snack on the stuff we’d tossed out:


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Post-Op Week 16 Progress Report and Lessons Learned

This week’s loss was a good one. I’m glad it wasn’t as big as the previous two weeks’ losses had been–I was actually getting worried about losing so much so fast!  Of course, losing 20 pounds in 3 weeks is still pretty freakin’ fast.

This is the first picture in which you can see both knobs of the closet doors on either side of me in my front-facing picture.  When I noticed this as I was putting together the composite, I got very excited.  It means my shoulders are more narrow, that I’m losing inches around my upper arms, and that perhaps finally, the next time I fly on a plane, I’ll actually be much more comfortable, and so will anyone who has to sit next to me.


This week I learned some important lessons about my new stomach and eating that I’ll be using this week and every week as I go forward.  This is Important Stuff if I am going to keep making forward progress. Continue reading

Still Learning My Tummy

Today my husband and I needed to run by the big and tall shop to get him some new skivvies. He has done incredibly well since his surgery in August, and it was finally time for him to get some new chonies as his old ones were starting to look like tennis skirts.  Next to the store is a Weight Watchers office–ever so strategically placed, I’m sure.  Seeing the office there stirred ire in me and I snapped this photo:


F you, Weight Watchers. You failed me multiple times on multiple levels.

I will have to spend some time writing about how much I truly detest the way WW does things, knowing what I know now about my own biology, the complex forces that drive hunger, and how my body handles weight loss.

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One Hundred Pounds Later, Part 2

So once I hit milestone losses, I like to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and pose with weights that are equal to the amount of weight I’ve lost. It helps me to get perspective on just how much weight I am no longer carrying around.

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One Hundred Pounds Later…

I don’t mind parking farther away when I get to school early in the mornings.

shopping for clothes is actually fun.

I can bend over to tie my shoes without asking my husband to do it for me.

I am starting to think about enrolling in fitness classes.

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Uncovering Bones, Fitness Goals and Daily Bites

I noticed this today:

I have never in my entire life seen my collarbone.  Now, mind you I am flexing my shoulder, but still. 

I can see and feel my collarbone.  I can feel my sternum and ribs, and when I lay down, I can feel the iliac crest of my pelvis.  Such bizarre feelings to feel my bones emerging from under my flesh!

I decided today to revise my fitness goals and to set a new one.

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Uncovering Ugly to Find Pretty

What is pretty?

Have you ever given it much thought?  I don’t want you to give me the societal expectation of pretty.

What is pretty to you?  Think about it.

I had to think about this tonight while I sat on my therapist’s couch and told the story of my interaction with the Talbots salesgirl on Saturday.  One of the things I left out of my story about my victorious trip there Saturday was this:  while we were conversing about our respective struggles with our weight and what we had each done to fight them, she said to me, “You’re so pretty.”  I thanked her and our conversation continued.

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