Sluggish and Increasing Movement

Late night post, but that’s the norm now since school occupies the bulk of my day.


Today’s food choices from upper right: multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; Meyer lemon marinated turkey tenderloin (with broccoli and cheese, not shown); saltine crackers with almond butter; one-egg omelet with ham and cheese; honey garlic marinated flank steak with green beans and tomatoes. Not shown: sliced turkey breast (eaten as a snack).

Tomorrow is October 1–the day I planned to increase my step count to 8,000 steps daily.  I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes.  I know there are plenty of opportunities this month for lots of walking but I have got to work harder at doing it every day at work.  Walking during my planning period is becoming an impossibility now due to increased workload and kids coming in for tutoring the minute the bell rings at the end of the day.  By the time all the kiddos leave, I’m sapped of energy and ready to head home for the day.  It’s not the timing of my meals or my calorie intake, I’m pretty sure.  I eat pretty regularly and am hitting between 800-900 calories a day–my surgeon’s recommendation was 800-1000 daily, so I feel like I’m on target.  Perhaps I need to increase my iron intake, increase my sleep every night…I don’t know.  There are too many variables at work here.  I am supposed to get bloodwork done this month for my PCP as she wants 3-month labs, and this is the time for that.  I need to schedule that, stat.

I am considering entering the 1-miler for this race.  Not because there are donuts involved (a nice side bonus!), but because I want to see if I can improve my time from the race I’ll be in come November.  I have to give it more thought because I get hives when I get overly cold, and this race is at the end of January, which is precisely when it finally decides to act like winter here in Texas.  I keep thinking ahead to January because that is when my 6-month follow up appointment with my surgeon is, and I hope that I am in even better shape then than I am now.  I am planning to head to the gym starting next Monday to work toward increasing my activity a little bit each week as time permits.

Well, it is after 11 and I really ought to get into bed.  Tomorrow is a long, long day and there is much to be done.

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