Daily Archives: September 28, 2013

Busy Saturday, Culling the Closet and Me Time

Today was a long day that began early with me having to go to training to be an Interact Club sponsor down in Dallas.  I’m not sure what fresh hell I’ve gotten myself into, but the group of kids I’m working with this year is really great so I am hopeful that their awesomeness will transcend any of the administrative suckage that accompanies being a school clubs sponsor.  The kids have some great service projects planned, and the training session today gave them even more ideas for things our club can do around our school and community so I am excited about what they’ll be doing this year.

After that, I came home and helped my hubby tidy up the house as our landlady and her husband were coming over today to take care of the lease renewal for our place.  This is an annual event that generally has us scrambling to clean and straighten up the place, and since he was home, my husband got a head start on the housework.  He’d done quite a lot by the time I arrived back home, so I did what I could given that most of it had been done and I wasn’t feeling well (thanks, Ma Nature…you’re right on time).  Landlady and her husband came and went, and so we left the house to go have dinner and do our grocery run for the week.  Saturday evenings are a good day to do the shopping as there are generally no samples being given out, and the store is pretty well calmed down by then–not too terribly crowded or overrun with kids and their parents.

But that’s neither here nor there.  We’ve found our food run shopping groove and that’s what matters.

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