I’m a bit behind on posting lately, and it’s because school is taking up more time than I’d anticipated thanks to a greatly increased student enrollment.  I’ve also gotten involved in more volunteer work and now I’m private tutoring again.  Weekends this fall are all booked, each with something different to do.  I think my first free weekend is in November!  I think my next post needs to be about balance, because I feel like I have none right now.

I also need to schedule an appointment to see my doctor soon, as she wants 3-month labs.  I also need to ask her about the terrible edema I’m having in my legs.  No matter how much I drink, move, or control my sodium intake, I get horribly swollen legs nearly every day.  I can’t wear regular shoes, it’s that bad.  It was never this way pre-op, and I moved less, drank less, and ate way more salt!

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve eaten the past two days.


Food choices for September 26, from upper left: scrambled egg with Rudy’s smoked ham slices; honey barbecue chicken and roasted seasoned potatoes; grilled salmon, mixed veggies and a bit of mashed potatoes (I tried to avoid the gravy as much as possible!); multivitamin and calcium supplements x2; chicken taco filling.


Food choices for September 25, from upper left: scrambled egg with Rudy’s smoked ham slices; multivitamin and calcium supplement x2; chicken taco filling; leftover honey garlic marinated flank steak with leftover baked potato soup; honey barbecue chicken drumsticks and roasted seasoned potatoes.


I’ll add the captions later when I’m at my computer.

4 responses to “Consumed.

  1. I love seeing your food choices ! Yours always look more appetizing than mine . I am constantly weighing and measuring , do you weigh them before you eat or after several months you can just eye them ?

  2. Weighing and counting have become an absolute necessity so that I don’t get overly full to the point of uncomfortableness. One of the best pieces of advice I have gleaned from reading the VSG forum that I read daily is to “undereat your sleeve’s capacity.” I would do this as much as possible because it is possible to feel satisfied without stuffing oneself, which is more likely when food is not carefully measured/weighed out. It is a tedious task but a necessary one.

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